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IGoldilocks yayingafanelekanga ukuba sehlathini iyodwa, kodwa yayingasoloko yenza njengoko wayexelelwe. Le ntsomi yaseklasini iziswa ebomini ngemifanekiso yemilingo kaJoan Rankin. IGoldilocks iphinda yenzeke kunye neflash yaseAfrika, ukukhuthaza nokukhulisa uthando lokufunda ebantwaneni bethu.

Iphepha elingasemva, 29 cm x 20 cm, 32 Amaphepha, Ubudala 3+



How to be a Viking is the first How To Train your Dragon book ever - and the inspiration For Cressida Cowell's best selling fiction book that is now a Dreamworks feature film.  So begins Cressida Cowell's series of stories about a little Viking who cannot fit in.  Ulike his dad, Stoick the Vast, Hiccup is tiny, thoughtful and polite and scared of almost everything - especially of going to sea for the first time.  But go he must who will save the day when everything goes wrong aboard ship and all the big Vikings lose their cool ?  This wonderfully witty fable will delight all those who have ever faced up to their worst fears.  This 2014 re-issue includes a letter from Cressida Cowell to the reader.


A simple mistake from Dad has disastrous consequences, in this fun, madcap book that escalates more and more with each page! From emptying the local corner shop and growing their own crop, to the world’s armed forces being drafted in, Ruby’s family try in vain but can anyone quench her insatiable appetite for ketchup?

Follow Stanley on his journey of discovery, learning about the strange relationship between his pet goldfish, Dennis, and his wild-razor-toothed relative.  If Stanley can look after Dennis, maybe he can look after a real live shark ?   Or.....maybe not.

Then out we dash, to leap and play, and scramble in the morning sun. You push some leaves aside for me... (Hey Mom! Hey, look! Guess who's a tree?!) Whether they are sploshing and washing, walking and talking, or munching and crunching, Baby is never far from Mommy's side. Where You Go... I Go. is a tender tale of a very special relationship from acclaimed author-illustrator team Beth Shoshan and Petra Brown, perfect for parents and children to share wherever they may go.
Size:  210mm left-to-right,  250mm top-to-bottom  Sturdy cover with 16 pages.


Who's next for the chop? Why are you such a noddy Big Ears? And of course, Why is the cow on the roof? 
You'll find the answers to these all-important questions in these five hilarious stories, based on lots of different tales from around the world. There are lots of questions to be answered in these five funny tales, perfect for fans of Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler and Michael Rosen. Aimed at children 9 to 12 years of age. [VBP=5]

Buy the Red Super Slush, Blue Surfs-Up, Pink Body Wash Doodler, Yellow Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles, Red Roll-It! Body Paint and Wild Animals Bathpops for the regular price of R263.00, and get FREE the Birds Bathpops and Blue Roll-It! body Paint [save R52.00]
Buy the Blue and Red Angel Powder, Yellow Kaleidofoam, Red Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles, Dinosaur Bathpops and Letters 'n Numbers Bath Stickers for the regular price of R265.00, and get FREE a Red Surfs-Up [save R71.00]
Buy the Green Angel Beads, Purple Soap Putty, Purple Kaleidofoam. Blue Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles and Green Gloop for the regular price of R270.00, and get FREE the Sleepheadz [save R66.00]

Includes Children's book of Baking Cakes, Children's Chocolate Cookbook and Little Cakes and Cookies to Bake.  Each book has step-by-step instructions and stunning colour photographs.  Simple, mouth-watering recipes from three popular cookery books.

Buy the Oodles of Bathpops (pay only for 40 and get 8 FREE), Red Body Wash Doodler, Yellow Angel Powder and Marula Shower Gel for the regular price of R271.00, and get FREE a Marula Hand Cream [total saving R82.00]
Buy the Red, Turquoise, Yellow, Blue and Purple Push-n-Pull Putty PLUS the Blue and Red Glitter Glue for the regular price of R167.00, and get FREE an Orange Push-n-Pull Putty and Green Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles [save R39.00]
Buy the Buzz-Off Cream and Kid's Gentle Day Cream for regular price of R141.00, and get FREE the Kid's Face Wash [save R65.00].  Ideal for adults with sensitive skin types !

This book covers exciting activities in English and is intended for kids of ages six and above. Complete with lots of colourful illustrations and challenging yet easily understood exercises for children, this activity book can be engaging and fun for the child. The book has 365 activities to develop Basic English skills which include grammar and vocabulary. With word puzzles, word search games, jumbled alphabets and more, the book can help in developing the child’s basics as well as motor skills by providing an entertaining mode of learning. The puzzles and challenges can keep the child busy for hours and hence build focus.   Paperback, 96 pages, 22 cm x 28 cm, Age 6+




A note from the author, Andy Lee. This book was only ever meant to have one copy printed. I wrote it as a surprise for my sister and her husband to celebrate the 1st birthday of George (my nephew), but when I asked my mate to print me one copy he said, “This is good, can we print more?” So if you don’t think its good, take it up with my friend Horgs, not me! A quirky little read, just a bit of fun and I rather enjoyed it – Yvonne.

Hard cover, 29 pages, 27 cm x 24.5cm, Age: 1+



Verken ’n wollerige lamawêreld met hierdie fantastiese plakkeraktiwiteitsboek. Van lama-name tot lamas in pajamas, van soek-en-vind pret tot vernuftige plakker tonele – hierdie boek is propvol lama-liefde. Die boek sluit ook meer as 300 plakkers in waarmee jy die asemrowende prenteblaaie kan voltooi. Ure se lama-pret gewaarborg!
Sagterband, 30 cm x 24 cm, 37 bladsye  5+ jaar


Celebrate Queen Flora's birthday with your fairy friends at a magical tea party as you colour stick and play fairy games puzzles and activities. Discover a world of magic and sticker fun with the Forget-me-not Fairies It includes over 60 stickers. Collect Them All.   Paperback, 16 pages, 27 cm x 21 cm, Age 3+


A marvellous mixture of hugely entertaining stories will provide hours of reading fun to delight all 3-year-olds! The 35 stories packed with fun pictures will help your little one to learn to read for the very first time! Age 0 -5 years, paperback, 288 pages, 15.2cm x 22.6cm  

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