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Buy the Blue and Red Angel beads, Yellow Angel Powder, Green Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles, Dinosaur Bathpops and Purple Soap Putty for the regular price of R231.00, and get FREE a Sniffles Foam Bath [save R66.00]  [VBP=20]
Buy the Blue Super Slush, Green Gloop, Red Angel Powder and Yellow Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles for the regular price of R210.00, and get FREE a Mixed Angel Beads [save R49.00] [VBP=18]
Buy the Orange Surfs-Up {limited edition}, Pink Gloop, Cindy Bathpops, Pink, Purple and Orange Push-n-Pull Putty for the regular price of R225.00, and get FREE a Pink Surfs-Up [save R71.00] [VBP=19]
Buy the Blue Kaleidofoam, Red Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles, Green Angel beads, Blue Angel Powder, Green Soap Putty and Space Bathpops for the regular price of R267.00, and get FREE the Pirates Bathpops and an Itchy Goo [save R60.00] [VBP=23]
Buy the Oodles of Bathpops (pay only for 40 and get 8 FREE already packed), Letters & Nos Bath Stickers and Red Funky Finger Paint for the regular price of R199.00, and get FREE the Blue and Yellow Funky Finger Paint [total saving of R66.00] [VBP=17]
Buy the Acornkids Day Cream for the regular price of R72.00 and get FREE the Kids Gentle Face Wash [save R65.00] [VBP=6]

This book teaches a lesson about when there's a time for play and a time for work and this was said by the ant from the story. The illustration is very simple and easy for young children to follow. You can see the ant working continuously gathering food throughout the year to prepare for winter while the grasshopper is singing, dancing and playing throughout the year. When it comes to winter, the ant is all secured while the grasshopper goes outside to find out that there is no food for him. There are rich vocabularies for children to learn, such as sunrise and sunset. By reading this book to young children, we can show how ant is a hard worker and also smart about making decisions when the grasshopper asks him to play. The author shows that being lazy and unproductive will only leave the grasshopper lonely and hungry during the winter. The moral of this story is that, yes, there is a time to play and a time to work and this should be emphasised to children when they are at school and also at  home.
24 pages, Paperback, Colour Illustrations,263 x 286 x 5mm  [VBP=9]

One day the town mouse visits his cousin the country mouse at his house in the country. There, the country mouse, who is excited to play host to the town mouse, serves a humble dinner with beans, bacon, cheese and some bread. The town mouse with a lot of pride isn’t happy about what his country cousin has served him and asks how he can live in such poor and deprived conditions. The town mouse, wanting to show the country mouse how to live life, invites the country mouse back to his place and the country mouse accepts his invitation. An interesting story with a moral to teach.

24 pages, Paperback, Colour Illustrations,263 x 286 x 5mm


With the cold weather coming on, Stanley thinks he might like to take a trip to a warmer climate -- just like many birds do. But Stanley discovers it’s hard to find just the right bird to fly away with for the winter. Ostriches are big and strong, but they can’t fly! Swallows are very fast, but they fly huge distances without ever stopping for a sandwich.... Join Stanley as he encounters birds of every size and shape in this bold, playful book that makes learning about nature fun and accessible.
32 pages, Hard Cover plus CD-Rom, 293 x 217 x 10mm

Animal Science – Just the Right Size – Why big animals are big and little animals are little
A fantastic, mix of non-fiction and picture book, this fascinating little book is absolutely jam-packed full of science.  Through clear explanations and delightful comic-style illustrations, the reader is taken on a journey through the natural world where they learn the science behind the size of different animals: why ants will always be stronger than humans, why real humans will never be able to fly and, thankfully, why giant spiders could NEVER exist (PHEW!).  Prepare to have your bubble popped if you are hoping to become the next superhero because the strict scientific rules that keep creatures from getting too big mean that the real super heroes are usually super small (much smaller than a human being)
40 pages, Ages 7+, Paperback, 288 x 248mm

A beautiful book to help young children explore the world around them. With charming illustrations and simple labels, First Words encourages children to look, point and learn. A fantastic picture book to help children over the age of 12 months learn their first words.    30 pages, ages 12 months +, Paperback, 280 x 225 x 5mm

This book introduces children to counting and writing numbers through a wide range of fun activities. Children will enjoy sticking the many stickers all throughout this book and also searching for them in the pictures.
33 pages, Paperback, 265 x 210 x 4mm

Unique Acornkids Wrapping Paper with our trademark rainbows, cute kids and bright colours. Adds a beautiful final touch to any Acornkids gift or present. Available in a pack of 5 wrapping paper sheets. Sheet size approximately 44cm x 62cm.

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