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The magic of ice! Anna and Elsa discover where their hearts lie in this epic journey through snow storms and freezing temperatures. With the help of good friends, Anna finds her way to North Mountain where her sister, Elsa, rules as Snow Queen to help bring summer back to Arendelle. Complete the frosty scenes from the magical movie using your stickers.
Size:  210mm left-to-right, 270mm top to bottom.  Sturdy cover with 10 pages and over 50 stickers.

Huisgenoot se nuwe bakboek is dié bakboek van alle bakboeke -- prakties, bruikbaar en met pragtige foto’s. Dit bevat meer as 200 resepte vir gebak en meer as 30 vir versiersels en vulsels. Elke resep is spesiaal gekies en getoets, en vorm deel van ’n spektrum wat strek van tradisioneel tot nuut en innoverend. 223 bladsye.  Hardeband  220mm lings-na-regs,  385mm bo-tot-onder.

Ingenious Jean is hammering and banging, drawing and planning, scheming and dreaming. Ingenious Jean is being ingenious. Something to save the world? Something to make everyone's life even more exciting? Or something closer to home but just as ingenious.  Size:  240mm x 240mm,  no of pages = 12

"Munch" tells the story of a small but fearsome monster, who loves one particular foodstuff - Toast! Munch loves toast with coconut jam, with banana jam but when tuning into the morning news one day, Munch hears that a terrible gigantic beast is on the loose and it's devouring everything in its path. Time to batten down the hatches and protect his comestibles from this horrible beast. But one day poor Munch wakes up to find that someone - or something - has snaffled his goodies. Can a tiny little monster stand up to a big beastly bully? There's a rather delicious end to this tale (but we won't spoil it for you - Burp!)
Size:  240mm left-to-right, 235mm top-to- bottom.  BIG, bold and colourful illustrations on all 12 pages.

As well as totally amazing doodles, Neon Dinky Doodles has bright, bold neon colours on every page, and lots of neon stickers to place and Super Dinky Doodles has fun cut-out pages which when turned create different objects – on one page there’s a cloud, on the next a tree! these Dinky Doodle Books are perfect for doodle adventures.
Size:  140mm across x 130mm top-to- bottom x 10mm thick
Pages:  60 plus 4 pages stickers

Launching awareness of letters and sounds and firing the imagination. The Daisy Lane Home-School Readers for pre-school children and children who cannot yet read but show an interest in books. Designed for three and four year olds who are at nursery or about to start school.   Daisy Lane series.  Reading for pre-school children.  Slim book with clear bold printing.
Size:  210mm left-to-right,  210mm top-to-bottom  8 pages, excluding inside front and back covers.

Welcome sports fans! Join Johnny Fox (the Hare) for the most exciting race of the year. It’s the big one, the race they’re calling “The Scramble in the Bramble” it’s Tortoise vs Hare The Rematch!  No of pages = 12
Size:  240mm left-to-right,  230mm top-to- bottom,  slim book with bold clear print and many illustrations.

Then out we dash, to leap and play, and scramble in the morning sun. You push some leaves aside for me... (Hey Mom! Hey, look! Guess who's a tree?!) Whether they are sploshing and washing, walking and talking, or munching and crunching, Baby is never far from Mommy's side. Where You Go... I Go. is a tender tale of a very special relationship from acclaimed author-illustrator team Beth Shoshan and Petra Brown, perfect for parents and children to share wherever they may go.
Size:  210mm left-to-right,  250mm top-to-bottom  Sturdy cover with 16 pages.

Buy the Red Kaleidofoam, Mixed Angel Beads, Yellow Gloop and Sea-n-Sand Bathpops for the regular price of R225.00, and get FREE the Buzz-Off Cream [save R69.00]
Buy the Red and Blue Angel Powder, Yellow Angel Beads, Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles (set of 3 colours) and Red Soap Putty for the regular price of R234.00, and get FREE the Blue Soap Putty and Mystery Bathpops (we choose the one !) [save R75.00]
Buy the Blue Surfs-Up, Blue Kaleidofoam, Blue Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles and Transport Bathpops for the regular price of R198.00, and get FREE the Blue Gloop [save R67.00]00]
Buy the Blue Super Slush, Red Angel Powder, Green Angel Beads and Itchy Goo for the regular price of R210.00, and get FREE the Sleppyheadz Foam Bath [save R66.00]
Buy the Push-n-Pull Putty in the following colours:  Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow and Red for the regular price of R105.00, and get FREE the Pink Push-n-Pull Putty plus cookie cutter [save R25.00]
Buy the Marula Body Butter, Marula Hand Cream and Marula Shower Gel for the regular price of R242.00, and get FREE the Marula Body Lotion.  The ULTIMATE in pampering !  [save R80.00]

Unique Acornkids Wrapping Paper with our trademark rainbows, cute kids and bright colours. Adds a beautiful final touch to any Acornkids gift or present. Available in a pack of 5 wrapping paper sheets. Sheet size approximately 44cm x 62cm.

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