In my home, we have two tweens (for those of you not up-to-date with the lingo, this means that I still have a year or two left before facing those terrifying teenage years!) So naturally, this is the age where we start talking about skin care. And just to give you a heads up – boys seem to be much more interested in this part of their personal hygiene than when we were growing up!

My son is a big fan of the Acornkids Gentle Face Wash. He uses this gel every day in the shower and loves the fresh smell that it leaves on his skin. We’ve both noticed how it’s really helped to nourish and soothe his skin while cleaning away any pimple-causing impurities… and we all know what a confidence boost clear skin can give you, no matter what your age!My daughter, on the other hand, is absolutely in love with the Face Refresher. (And if I’m honest, so am I!) There’s nothing better than spritzing your face with the really gentle and refreshing water-based toner on a hot and sticky night… we both find it very cooling and calming. 


What’s really great about both of these products is that they’re packed with cucumber and chamomile extracts. Chamomile is a one of the best natural skin soothers which gets rid of any red marks and generally just makes your skin feel fresher and smoother. Cucumber gives your skin that beautiful glow that lets you look and feel refreshed. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want glowing skin?

To be completely honest, even though these products are meant to be used by kids and teenagers, I also use them when I get too busy to order more of my Akina products. And I really enjoy them too (especially the Face Refresher which also removes the last little bits of makeup before I go to sleep).

So if you and your kids aren’t already using the Acornkids Gentle Face Wash and the Face Refresher, just follow this link to give them a try right now. I’m sure that you’ll love them!

Mommy Blog by Yvonne
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