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Positive Parenting: Social Development

Welcome to the first of our weekly Positive Parenting blog posts! Here at Acornkids, we have an absolute passion for children. We love to celebrate your little ones and share in the experiences as they grow and learn every single day. So please feel free to comment and share stories of your own below. To kick off our Positive Parenting blog, I’d like to tackle a question that pops into every parent’s head (at least once if not a million times) before taking the next really exciting yet equally terrifying milestone of ‘Big School’.  “What can I, as a parent, do to make sure that my kids have the very best education?”  You see, preparing your kids for school is so much more than having them academically ready. Teachers are here to teach them the academics, parents are here to teach them that and everything in between! In fact, there are four main areas of development that kids need to master before stepping into their first ...

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Learning through play.

Children learn through play. Many skills are developed through play. Logical thinking, problem-solving and creativity can be developed and exercised through play. Play is a powerful medium to access their thoughts and communicate in way that they understand. As adults, if we learn to play with our children we learn to grow with them and develop strong relationships based on sound interpersonal connection. Bathing is a common everyday routine. Acorn products enable parents to turn their bath tubs into a playground of learning and connecting in very unique ways. Each Acorn product is designed as an experience through which parents can access their children’s hearts and minds. It often happens that as adults we forget how to play effectively with our children, or we run out of ideas. It’s great to have products pre-designed to allow the learning and connections to happen without much planning needed. Here are a few skill-based developments that are natural products of the play you experience wi ...

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