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  1. Re: Learning through play.

    Suenette that is a brilliant idea, including buying and selling in her play time.

    - Sharon van der Merwe

  2. Re: Learning through play.

    My kids absolutely adore ACORNKIDS. My 4 year old will spend ever long it takes to fish out ...

    - Suenette Thomson

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Kaleidofoam of Fun!

As a working mum to two beautiful children, the time that I get to spend with my kids is more precious to me than their weight in gold! This is why I take my every spare second to connect and fun have together. And what better time to do this than during bath time? 

Kaleidofoam is by far one of our favourite ways to wash in the bath. This really fun-feeling, coloured foam soap means that I never have to beg and plead for my kids to wash their little bodies. They love to ‘colour’ themselves in with Kaleidofoam from head-to-toe and, believe me, this never gets old! (Oh, and don’t worry… you’re not going to be sending your kids to school dressed as Smurfs, it washes right off with water!)

Depending on how they feel on the day, my kids choose to colour themselves in either red, blue, green or yellow, or a combination of all four on different parts of their bodies which is by far their favourite! This not only helps me to teach my kids about colours and body awareness, but also builds their gross motor skills as we bounce the foam balls around the water or giggle as they build bigger noses or brightly coloured beards. And what’s even better, the non-toxic ingredients and pH balance of Kaleidofoam means that I never have to worry about it irritating their skin. 

Like I said, Kaleidofoam is a firm favourite in our home. If you’d like to read more about it or even buy it online, just follow this link right now  and we can send it straight to your front door for the never-ending fun with yours kids to begin!

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Physical Development

Last week we chatted about the Social skills that our little ones need to develop before being able to sit comfortably in a classroom to concentrate on their work. (If you haven’t read it yet, please click here[KH1]  to follow the link and don’t forget to leave a comment!) This week, we’re going to tackle another misconception which is their Physical Development. Luckily, this is something that we can all work on during the Summer Holidays with our kids!

Most of us look at our little ones and think that, because they’re roughly the same height and size of an average 6 year old, they must be sufficiently physically developed. But this is actually not the best indicator to check.

Rather check out for these pointers to see if your kids are lacking in their physical development: <

  1. They battle to site still or upright, especially over a longer period of time.

  2. They are fidgety and battle to concentrate on one activity at a time.

  3. They move their tongues while cutting or drawing.

  4. They press too hard on the paper and maybe break their crayons.


  5. Now you may be wondering what on earth concentrating and fidgeting has to do with your kids’ Physical Development, but this is because their Physical School Readiness skills are actually also very closely linked to your kids’ muscle tone, as well as their fine motor skills.

If your kids battle to finely control their little fingers before they start school… they’re going to battle to do all sorts of activities like writing and crafts.

If their muscle tone is so poor that they can’t sit still for long periods of time… they’re really going struggle to focus on and finish one activity. And if they’re not doing the activities in class, they’re not going to learn that skill that the teacher has planned! See the problem here?

Now before you start stressing that your kids are not physically developed before the New Year, growing your kids’ Physical Development skills is actually pretty easy. Now is actually a perfect time of year to focus on developing your kids’ Physical skills because of the glorious Summer Holidays starting! It just requires a bit of patience and energy from your side too like:

  1. Rolling or throwing a ball.

  2. Building blocks like Lego.

  3. Any activities that require movement like running, crawling or skipping.

  4. Any activities where their heads are lower than their hands – like a puzzle on the floor.

Once again, I hope that you have found this post useful! Please don’t forget to comment below. I’d love to hear from you! What outdoor activities have you got planned with your kids these holidays? Next week we’ll focus on a couple that will keep your kids entertained for hours!

Also, if you’re keen to receive our monthly newsletter packed with Acornkids Specials, Competitions and much more, please pop an email to me on  

Yours in positive parenting,  <

Yvonne Mom of two wonderful kids and owner of Acornkids

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Learning through play.

Children learn through play. Many skills are developed through play. Logical thinking, problem-solving and creativity can be developed and exercised through play. Play is a powerful medium to access their thoughts and communicate in way that they understand. As adults, if we learn to play with our children we learn to grow with them and develop strong relationships based on sound interpersonal connection. Bathing is a common everyday routine. Acorn products enable parents to turn their bath tubs into a playground of learning and connecting in very unique ways. Each Acorn product is designed as an experience through which parents can access their children’s hearts and minds. It often happens that as adults we forget how to play effectively with our children, or we run out of ideas. It’s great to have products pre-designed to allow the learning and connections to happen without much planning needed. Here are a few skill-based developments that are natural products of the play you experience wi ...

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