Hi everyone!

I have been working on an exciting venture over the last few months and I'm nearly finished, but here is where you come in!
I need to ask you a favour, could you please answer these 5 questions in my survey. Thanks so much!

1.) Do you have difficulty getting your kids in the bath?

2.) How long is your kid's average bath?

3.) Do they have any favourite bath toys or products to make their bath fun?

4.) How much do you spend on your kiddies bathing in a month?  

5.) Do you use bath time to interact with you child, or does it give you a few minutes to have a break or do something else?

Simply leave a reply at the end of the blog and click send comment. I look forward to your feedback. 

Thanks so much for your time. Don't forget to watch your e-mails to get some news soon! If we don't have your e-mail please just send an e-mail to yvonne@acornkids.com and add the comment SEND ME THE INFO!

Yours in bath bubbles