Join Our Fun Company!
Become an Acornkids Dealer and run your own business from home, either part-time, or if you wish, develop into a full-time business. Acornkids provides everything you need, plus training and support.

Being a mom is wonderful and rewarding, but tough. Your life will never be the same again! But juggling your family and your career is difficult. Here is a perfect solution - become an Acornkids Dealer and run your own business from home, around your family and other commitments. There is no pressure and you decide how busy you want to be. You can earn a useful part-time income, or if you wish, you can develop your business into a full-time growing concern. Selling Acornkids children’s products at home couldn't be easier - you are open for business when it suits you and your friends - coffee mornings, school fetes, creches, home parties, open days or evenings, or exhibitions. The possibilities are endless.
Should you want more information
please call Acornkids Head Office
on 0861074776
How do you get started?
You need to register as an Acornkids Dealer, and purchase ONE of the following Starter Packs, each containing everything you need to start your business.
The starter packs are very special offers, available only to new members. There is no annual membership fee, and you are not required hold any stock.

You will be assigned to a Team Leader who will guide and assist you every step of the way!
Starter Packs
Choose one of the following Starter Packs. These are all great value, offering substantial discounts against retail value. Prices include courier delivery to your door. You can use these starter packs to try out Acornkids products, as samples, or to sell. They are only available to new dealers.
Basic Starter Pack
This contains all the marketing material, brochures, flyers and forms that you will need to get started. No products are included.
Bath Fun Starter Pack
Includes the Basic Pack, plus 10 of Acornkids most popular bath products. A great introduction to this fun range.
Super Bath Fun Starter Pack
Includes the Basic Pack, plus 15 of Acornkids most popular products, with top bath products and insect protection. Really great value.

Acornkids  Head Office  Contact Number: 0861074776   Email: info@acornkids.com