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The perfect book for managing your children’s allergies – or preventing allergies altogether. All this while eating delicious food which kids love. Contains facts about allergies and a great collection of recipes, covering: Veggies, Fruit, Potatoes, Baked, Beans, Meat, a spoonful of Sugar, Sleepy Time and a list of Allergy Groups in the world.
Paperback, 25 cm x 21 cm, 144 pages, 54 recipes  Age - for adults

Fun Foods:  
Most mothers are familiar with the daily challenge of encouraging their children to eat healthy, sustaining meals that will fill them with vitality as well as nourishment.

Fun Foods  offers a treasure trove of ideas for how to create healthy meals for kids that are also inspiring and, well, fun! Covering salads, snacks, lunchboxes and sarmies, dinner, tea time, picnics, veggies and fruit, the chapters include many creative ideas for dishes that children can make for themselves, using their imagination.

Throughout, the recipes have been styled to make everyday meals fun: think Funny Bunny Salad, Frittata Faces, Purple Pasta, Owl Rice Cakes and Sushi Sandwiches. 

Soft Cover, 127 pages, 22 cm x 22 cm


Danksy die nuwe gier kan jy in minder as 5 minute fantastiese koeke optower.  En die beste van als is daar's omtrent geen skottelgoed nie !  Al wat jy benodig is 'n koffiebeker, mikrogolf oond en 'n paar basiese bestandele.
Die prettige boek bevat resepte vir klassieke gunstelinge, spesiale geleenthede, skemerkelkkoeke en tussendeurbederfies.  Daar's selfs opsies vir glutenvrye, eiervrye en suiwelvrye koeke.  Die resepte is flatervry !  Al die koeke is watertandlekker en daar is geen oorskiet om jou die volgende dag in die versoeking te lei nie.  Waarvoor wag jy ?  Begin bak in 'n beker en proe self waarom hierdie nuwe bakgier almal gaande het !

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