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We humans are such sissies! We can't stand the cold or the heat. We can’t do without food or water. Yet some animals have adapted to survive the harshest conditions on the planet. Find out how they do it!
Paperback, 40 pages, 29 cm x 25 cm, Age 5+


Lighting McQueen wants to be a champion race car, but just as he is on his way  to win the Dinoco 400, he is stranded in Radiator Springs with some interesting characters. Will they teach him that there is something more to life than racing? Find out in the amazing tale.  Paperback, 23 pages, 24 cm x 24 cm, Age 3+



In hierdie prettige rymende boek kan 'n cowboy leer dat 'n mens selfs in die Wilde Weste gaaf kan wees. Hierdie reeks leer ouers en kinders dat goeie maniere pret kan wees ... en die lewe vir almal 'n bietjie makliker maak!

Sagteband, 25 cm x 23 cm, 24 bladsye, 3+ jaar



This book is based on the world-famous Montessori method. This educational approach aims to encourage your child's self-confidence and autonomy to help them evolve at their own pace, spontaneously. It is a veritable mine of playful activities, exciting games and fun experiments for young children aged 5-7. It contains stickers, cut-out animals and a MEMO card game on animals and their habitats. This book will accompany your child on their journey to discover nature and animals. It will awaken their curiosity, develop their competencies and stimulate creativity. 


Launching awareness of letters and sounds and firing the imagination. The Daisy Lane Home-School Readers for pre-school children and children who cannot yet read but show an interest in books. Designed for three and four year olds who are at nursery or about to start school.   Daisy Lane series.  Reading for pre-school children.  Slim book with clear bold printing.
Size:  210mm left-to-right,  210mm top-to-bottom  8 pages, excluding inside front and back covers.

The delivery truck has broken down, but the package needs to get to town! Join the delivery man as he hitches a ride on every vehicle imaginable. Help him spot and count boats, fire engines, hot-air balloons and much more in this fun vehicle adventure! From award-winning children's author Steve Smallman and illustrator Nicola Slater, Spot A Lot Vehicle Adventure is sure to entertain your child again and again! Spot A Lot Vehicle Adventure is the 2015 winner of the Parents' Choice Fun Stuff Award. 


The Book presents great DIY ideas with a wonderfully humorous twist. Julia Anastasopoulos, aka Suzelle, share 288 pages worth of great crafts that you can do yourself, covering everything from household chores, car maintenance, having the best braai as well as some great green living advice, because "doing it yourself" is usually more eco-friendly than buying or outsourcing for your needs to be met. Find great recipes and beauty tips from the local DIY diva, and a whole chapter from her friend Marianne. DIY? Because anybody can.

Goat loves to gloat. He gloats about his wonderful tower, his magnificent throne, his fabulous boat and his bubble-bath moat. But goat would really like to share with a friend, if only he could find one.
Paperback, 24 pages, 26 cm x 22 cm



What would happen if a tiger came to stay? How would you look after it? Where would it sleep? What would it eat (baked beans, raw fish or cream cakes?) and how would you play with it? Wild Things! gives young readers a first introduction to exotic animals around the world, looking at how and where they really live and what they need to survive, as it becomes clear that they must be posted back! The book also includes a final fact spread to explain why the animal is suited to living in its own environment in the wild, as well as how we can help to keep it there.


This colourful introduction to numbers will delight and inform all young children.  The combination of bright, appealing photographs and stimulating questions will encourage interaction and enhance learning.  Suitable for age 3+


Animal Science – Just the Right Size – Why big animals are big and little animals are little
A fantastic, mix of non-fiction and picture book, this fascinating little book is absolutely jam-packed full of science.  Through clear explanations and delightful comic-style illustrations, the reader is taken on a journey through the natural world where they learn the science behind the size of different animals: why ants will always be stronger than humans, why real humans will never be able to fly and, thankfully, why giant spiders could NEVER exist (PHEW!).  Prepare to have your bubble popped if you are hoping to become the next superhero because the strict scientific rules that keep creatures from getting too big mean that the real super heroes are usually super small (much smaller than a human being)
40 pages, Ages 7+, Paperback, 288 x 248mm

A beautiful book to help young children explore the world around them. With charming illustrations and simple labels, First Words encourages children to look, point and learn. A fantastic picture book to help children over the age of 12 months learn their first words.    30 pages, ages 12 months +, Paperback, 280 x 225 x 5mm

This book introduces children to counting and writing numbers through a wide range of fun activities. Children will enjoy sticking the many stickers all throughout this book and also searching for them in the pictures.
33 pages, Paperback, 265 x 210 x 4mm
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