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We humans are such sissies! We can't stand the cold or the heat. We can’t do without food or water. Yet some animals have adapted to survive the harshest conditions on the planet. Find out how they do it!
Paperback, 40 pages, 29 cm x 25 cm, Age 5+


Join Princess Anna as she sets off on a journey to find her sister, Elsa the Snow Queen. Elsa has cast a spell and trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in an eternal winter. Can Anna and her new friends stop the spell and save the people of Arendelle?

Paperback, 24 pages, 29 cm x 25 cm, Age 3+


Lighting McQueen wants to be a champion race car, but just as he is on his way  to win the Dinoco 400, he is stranded in Radiator Springs with some interesting characters. Will they teach him that there is something more to life than racing? Find out in the amazing tale.  Paperback, 23 pages, 24 cm x 24 cm, Age 3+



This delightful, rhyming tale is brought to life by Maxine Lee's bright illustrations. A humorous, tongue-in-cheek book on manners for polite children. One for the whole family! 10 simple and fun lessons about manners.
Paperback, 32 pages,  25 cm x 25 cm Age 3+


In hierdie prettige rymende boek kan 'n cowboy leer dat 'n mens selfs in die Wilde Weste gaaf kan wees. Hierdie reeks leer ouers en kinders dat goeie maniere pret kan wees ... en die lewe vir almal 'n bietjie makliker maak!

Sagteband, 25 cm x 23 cm, 24 bladsye, 3+ jaar



IGoldilocks yayingafanelekanga ukuba sehlathini iyodwa, kodwa yayingasoloko yenza njengoko wayexelelwe. Le ntsomi yaseklasini iziswa ebomini ngemifanekiso yemilingo kaJoan Rankin. IGoldilocks iphinda yenzeke kunye neflash yaseAfrika, ukukhuthaza nokukhulisa uthando lokufunda ebantwaneni bethu.

Iphepha elingasemva, 29 cm x 20 cm, 32 Amaphepha, Ubudala 3+



 n Praktiese gids, geskryf deur 'n kenner: Maklike wenke vir wolwe om hase te vang vir aandete. 

Jy moet natuurlik dan self uit die beer se pad bly, want wolwe is beerlekkernye. And if all else fails....word 'n vegetariër!

Jou kinders en kleinkinders gaan jou oor en oor vra om dit voor te lees! En jy self sal oor en oor na die illustrasies wil kyk. 

Sagteband, 28 cm x 24 cm, 28 bladsye, 3+ jaar



Goat loves to gloat. He gloats about his wonderful tower, his magnificent throne, his fabulous boat and his bubble-bath moat. But goat would really like to share with a friend, if only he could find one.
Paperback, 24 pages, 26 cm x 22 cm



The perfect book for managing your children’s allergies – or preventing allergies altogether. All this while eating delicious food which kids love. Contains facts about allergies and a great collection of recipes, covering: Veggies, Fruit, Potatoes, Baked, Beans, Meat, a spoonful of Sugar, Sleepy Time and a list of Allergy Groups in the world.
Paperback, 25 cm x 21 cm, 144 pages, Age - for adults
Buy the Blue Kaleidofoam, Green Angel Beads, Yellow Angel Powder, Orange Surfs-UP and Red Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles for the regular price of 263.00, and get FREE the Safesun Aftersun (100ml) [save R73.00]
Buy the Green Soap Putty, Blue Super Slush, Pirates Bathpops, Blue Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles, Blue Angel Beads and Itchy Goo for the regular price of R263.00, and get FREE a Blue Gloop and Mr Acorn Bathpops [save R97.00]
[BVP = 26]
Buy the Blue and Red Angel Powder, Green Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles, Yellow Kaleidofoam, Sea-n-Sand Bathpops Orange, Green and Red Push-n-Pull Putty for the regular price of R270.00, and get FREE a Marula Hand Cream {a lovely treat for you, mom, gran or even teacher !} [save R73.00]
Buy the Pink Gloop, Pink Surfs-Up, Cindy Bathpops and Sniffles Foam Bath for the regular price of R228.00, and get FREE a Yellow Super Slush [save R85.00]
Buy the Blue, Yellow and Red Funky Finger Paint as well as the Silver, Gold and Red Glitter Glue for the regular price of R156.00, and get FREE the Green Glitter Glue and a Wooden Shape (for decorating) [save R56.00]
Buy TWO Moisturising Baby Wash for the regular price of R156.00, and get FREE a Baby Lotion [save R73.00]

Unique Acornkids Wrapping Paper with our trademark rainbows, cute kids and bright colours. Adds a beautiful final touch to any Acornkids gift or present. Available in a pack of 5 wrapping paper sheets. Sheet size approximately 44cm x 62cm.

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