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Acornkids Special 8: VIP SET Special

VIP SET OFFER - R1541.00   Total saving = R133.50.00  BVP = 120

Gloop:  1 each - Pink, Red and Blue
Body Doodler: 1 each - Red, Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue
Surfs-Up:  1 each Blue, Red, Yellow and Pink
Soap Putty:  1 each - Blue, Red and Yellow
Angel Powder:  1 each - Blue, Read and Yellow
Super Slush:  1 each - Blue, Red and Yellow
Bathpops:  1 each - Sea n Sand,  Dinosaurs,  Cindy,  Jack, Miss Acorn, Monsters & Aliens
1 x Buzz Off Spray
1 x Buzz Off Cream
1x Itchy Goo

PLUS Free:  1 each - Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles, Red, Yellow and Blue
R1 541,00
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