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Aesop's Fables: The Ant and the Grasshopper

This book teaches a lesson about when there's a time for play and a time for work and this was said by the ant from the story. The illustration is very simple and easy for young children to follow. You can see the ant working continuously gathering food throughout the year to prepare for winter while the grasshopper is singing, dancing and playing throughout the year. When it comes to winter, the ant is all secured while the grasshopper goes outside to find out that there is no food for him. There are rich vocabularies for children to learn, such as sunrise and sunset. By reading this book to young children, we can show how ant is a hard worker and also smart about making decisions when the grasshopper asks him to play. The author shows that being lazy and unproductive will only leave the grasshopper lonely and hungry during the winter. The moral of this story is that, yes, there is a time to play and a time to work and this should be emphasised to children when they are at school and also at  home.
24 pages, Paperback, Colour Illustrations,263 x 286 x 5mm  [VBP=9]

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