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Fizzpops Bath Bomb Red

Bright and cheerful Bath Bomb to foam and colour the water. Plus a mystery foam creature bathpop hidden inside every bath bomb.  72grams   BVP=2
Available in a wide variety of colour options.
Single tones:  Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Purple
Dual tones:
Blue + Red to create Purple bath water
Yellow + Blue to create Green bath water
Red + Yellow to create Orange bath water

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Colour Awareness
Ask them to identify the colour of the bathwater. If you sprinkle some Angel Powder into the colour water, you can also teach them how to create secondary colours.

Red Bath Bomb Water plus Yellow Angel Powder = Orange
Yellow Bath Bomb Water plus Blue Angel Powder = Green
Blue Bath Bomb Water plus Red Angel Powder = Purple

Tactile Sensory Integration
The colour foam, textures and fragrances create a sensory experience and create a relaxing and peaceful ambience.

Bathpop Experience
When the bath bomb has stopped fizzing and dissolved, the bathpop will emerge, the capsule will dissolve and the mystery foam shape will appear. Stick the foam shape on the bath tiles and discuss the object, identify the colour and create a story around it. After the bath, collect the “popped” bathpop and use them for arts and crafts.

Place in warm bath water and watch the bath bomb fizz and change the colour of the water
Intended for external use only. As with all skin and bodycare products, check for any adverse reaction, discontinue if irritation occurs. Bath bomb should be used immediately after removing the shrink wrap, to avoid the product absorbing moisture. Prolonged storage before use may result in the bath bomb having less fizz.


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