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Colour & Wash Bath Time Stickers - Springtime

Stick to tiles when wet. Colour the pictures using Acornkids Bath Crayons.
Wipe clean and use over and over again. They are fun! Each picture is 225 x 225 mm in size, mounted on EVA foam (like the bath puzzles)
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Colour and Wash Bath Time Stickers encourage the child's creativity as they colour the designs with their chosen colours. Stimulate their creativity by asking them to tell you a story about the picture that they are colouring. While they are colouring they are practising eye/hand co ordination and working their fine hand muscles.
Once the colouring in is complete, you have a choice to either either leave on the bath tiles for display or wash the the colouring of with a warm cloth and pack away in the water tight container to use for next time.


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