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Gloop Shampoo and Bodywash

A fun and funky, soap free, cleansing gel designed to replace soap and shampoo. Bright colours, fruit fragrances and a thick "gloopy" texture ensure long lasting bath time delight. Available in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink   250ml each.
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Colour Awareness
Create body and colour awareness by applying one colour to the left arm and another to the right leg and ask your child to identify body part and colour.

Creative Play 
Encourage creativity by sculpting different hairstyles.

Squeeze onto your childs hand and encourage all-over lathering to wash from head to toe.
Leaves hair very shiny and skin very soft.
Excellent at removing grime and grease.Bubbles well and can also be used as a bubble bath.
Hydrolised Wheat Protein Complex which is a hair conditioning treatment.
Jojoba Seed Oil which provides moisture to skin and hair.
Strawberry, Rasberry, Cranberry and Blackcurrent Extracts to help condition hair and skin (Red Gloop)
Orange, Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit Extracts to help promote health skin (Yellow Gloop)
Water Lilly, Jasmin, Rose, Hibiscus and Acacia Extracts for its skin cooling and soothing properties (Pink Gloop)
Sea Minerals, Seaweed Extract, Sea Tangles, Japanese Seaweed Extract and Gulf Weed Extract to stimulate scalp and hair (Blue Gloop) 


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