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My Bath Box: Christmas Edition

My Bath Box:  Christmas Edition
The ideal gift for all those that are young at heart.  Will last long after Christmas is over.

NOTE: Colours and themes may vary from the illustration and in the boxes.

BVP = 48

Bathpops - mystery hatching creatures
Surfs-Up - long lasting foam bubbles with shiny creatures to "fish" for
Angel Powder - change water colour for extra fun
Bath Crayons - handy shape and size for those little hands and washes off
Bath Stickers - Christmas theme with shapes that float on water and stick to tiles
Super Slush - for a Jelly Bath or hide-and-seek play
Bath Bomb - moisturising fun fizzy ball that darts across the water with mystery foam creature
Bath Puzzle - great for story telling and mystery solving - sticks to tiles and floats on water
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Creative Play - Encourage creativity by drawing, doodling and storytelling

Early learning - Practice writing letters and numbers, practice spelling, play a game of hang man or tic tac toe or create a pattern and ask your little one to complete it.


Older Learning -  Let them write their name, label their pictures, or practice sight words and spelling lists. Draw a letter on their back and let them guess what the letter is.

Colour Awareness - Ask them to identify all the colours, let them draw items that are a colour eg. What crayon would you choose to draw an apple? Draw a line on one arm in a colour and then another line on the other arm in a different colour and then ask your child to identify the colour.

Fine Motor Skills – The bath crayons encourages the development of fine motor skills, by involving small motions of the fingers and the hand. Draw shapes and let them colour the shapes in.

Pincer Grip

– Holding the bullet shape between their fingers ask them to write their name or draw a pattern. This grip will teach them to how to hold a pencil for writing.

Hand Eye Co-ordination – draw a picture and ask your child to copy the picture and make their own next to yours.

Strengthening/ Stabilisation of Arm Muscles – Ask your child to use a cloth/sponge with soap and wash off their own creations. The circular motions on the vertical service are important for strengthening arm muscles. Make it into a game, how fast can they wipe the pictures off, only wipe the red off first, followed by the blue etc.

Imagination - Let them draw/colour their favourite animal character on their face, eg what would a cat look like, whiskers, black nose etc.


Intended for Bath and skin use only. Not recommended for use with older baths or showers in poor conditions. Do not use on vinyl surrounds. May stain certain porous surfaces such as unsealed tile grout. Test before use. Colourants may stain porous surfaces or fabrics. Wash colour from skin before using a towel. Store in a sealed container at room temperature (10 deg – 28 deg)  Do not leave crayons submerged in the bath water, they will become soft and disintegrate, place on bathtub ledge while they are being used. Use with adult supervision. Do not eat.


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