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A selected a range of Christmas Products that will be available for the Christmas Season. Perfect presents, great value!

A decorating KIT comprising a beautifully made felt Christmas stocking, with all the accessories needed to create a lovely finished product.  Own craft glue to be supplied.  Size:  40cm x 30xm R99.00
A fun Santa Hippo bath and shower puzzle, which can also be a table puzzle. The puzzle has 9 pieces, which float on the water and stick to the tiles (or a cupboard) when wet. Use the picture on the front of the container to guide you to put it together. When finished simply place it back into the puzzle container, which also has a vinyl label and can get wet. 
Puzzles are made from high quality 2mm thick EVA foam and vinyl.  Each block is 80mm x 80mm.  Full size of completed puzzle is 230 x 230 mm.

Buy the Christmas Stocking Decorating Kit [unique to Acornkids] for the regular price of R99.00, and get FREE an Orange Bath Bomb [save R23.50]
Stick to tiles when wet. Colour the pictures using Acornkids Bath Crayons.
Wipe clean and use over and over again. They are fun! Each picture is 225 x 225 mm in size, mounted on EVA foam (like the bath puzzles)
A jumbo Bathpop capsule filled with 3 sponge shapes from any of our existing themes.  Limited edition.

Fun foam faces with funky stick-on pieces. Float on water and stick to tiles when wet. A Christmas Tree and Stocking with 24 parts.....make fun Christmas combinations in the bath. Gives hours of fun and stimulates creativity and imagination.


Another fun way to celebrate the countdown until Christmas. Simply place the bathpop in warm water and watch the Christmas themed sponge shapes pop out. Lots of Fun! The set contains 10 bathpops.


A cracker which contains a random selection of 8 cute bathpops, giving the kiddies a lovely treat and a bath time to look forward to !   Selection of crackers for orders will be random and customers cannot request specific cracker designs nor colours. Designs issued will be based upon stock availability.


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