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Sets of Acornkids products at special prices. A quick, affordable and easy way to buy a selection of colours for one product type or for product sets, such as the insect protection set or the sun care protection set.
A luxuriuously rich and nourishing body lotion enriched with  Grapeseed Oil to moisturise from head to toe. In addition to an amazing fragrance, African Botanicals and Sea Minerals as well as Flower Extracts, nurture, protect and moisturise young skin, leaving it healthy and glowing. Available in Peaches and Cream, Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Pie.   200ml

Contains 1 x Peaches & Cream, 1 x Strawberry Shortcake, 1 x Blueberry Pie 
200ml each   Save 10.50
These Roller Paints are ideal to encourage creativity at home, in the bath or during craft projects.  Sit in the bath and roll the paint over the skin, creating bright streaks of colour. Available in three primary colours, Red, Blue and Yellow and roll Yellow over the blue to create Green. Non -toxic and washes away easily using a warm cloth and soap. Also use Roll-It! paint on paper or board to create fun artworks. No spillage.

Contains 1 x Red Roll-It! Body and Craft Paint; 1 x Blue Roll-It! Body and Craft Paint;  1 x Yellow Roll-It! Body and Craft Paint
 50ml each     SAVE R8.00
Contains: 1 x  Sea n Sand Bathpops, 1 x Dinosaur Bathpops, 1 x Monster and Aliens Bathpops, 1 x Cindy Bathpops, 1 x Jack Bathpops, 1 x Miss Acorn Bathpops.    Save R7.00
A bright, fun, foaming bath jelly with a fruity fragrance. Let your child "squish n squeeze"  the jelly through their fingers for a wonderful tactile experience. then whisk water to create long lasting bubbles. Available as a set of 3 tubs. Red, Blue and Yellow.   240g (80g each)  Save  R9.00
Contains: 1 x Red Super Slush, 1 x Blue Super Slush, 1 x Yellow Super Slush  380g each  Save R14.00
Contains: 1 x Angel Beads Red, 1 x Angel Beads Blue, 1 x Angel Beads Yellow.   Save R8.00
Contains: 1 x Angel Powder Red, 1 x Angel Powder Blue, 1 x Angel Powder Yellow.    Save R6.00

Contains:1 x Red, 1 x Blue, 1 x Green, 1 x Silver, 1 x Gold    100ml each  Save R7.50

Contains:1 x Kaleidofoam Blue, 1 x Kaleidofoam Red, 1 x Kaleidofoam Yellow    Save R13.00
Contains: 1 x Surfs Up Fun Foam Blue, 1 x Surfs Up Fun Foam Red, 1 x Surfs Up Fun Foam Yellow, 1 x Surfs Up Fun Foam Pink    Save R13.00
These pearly Body Wash Doodlers are perfect for bath time fun. A paraben-free gel wash, available in Yellow, Blue, Red, Green and Pink. Let children scribble and doodle on themselves, lather up and wash of. Enriched with botanicals and seaweed extracts for skin and hair conditioning properties.
Set contains a Pink, Red, Yellow, Green and Blue Body Wash Doodler  100ml each     Save R10.00
Normally contains: 1 x Gloop Blue, 1 x Gloop Red, 1 x Gloop Yellow, 1 x Gloop Pink   250ml each  Save R16.00
A wonderfully different bath soap, which provides a tactile experience and stimulates the imagination. It is soap-free and gently cleanses the skin. Enriched with Sweet Almond Oil to moisturise and nourish, and China Clay to cleanse. This is the refill, and comes in a plastic tub without a cookie cutter. Can be removed from tub and added to an existing acorn shaped container with shape cutter. Mould into any shape, like play dough - then use your creation to wash.
Set includes Red, Blue and Yellow.  Save R6.00
Normally contains:1 Soap Putty Blue, 1 x Soap Putty Yellow, 1 x Soap Putty Red in tub.    Save R12.00
The range is undergoing a change of container, colour by colour
As each is done, the relevant picture will be updated

Contains: 1 x Red, 1 x Blue, 1 x Green, 1 x Yellow Puffy Body Paint Soap Set. save R7.00
A thick rinse-off, bodywash paint, that colours the body with shimmering shades, while cleansing and deeply moisturising the skin. Smudge-Smear-Blend-Wash!   100g each
Suitable for all skin types. Use on wet or dry skin. Water Soluble colours wash away easily.

Contains: 1 x Sniffles, 1 x Jelly Foam, 1 x Sleepy Headz.    150ml each   Save R3.00
A Buzz Off set which contains:1 Buzz Off Spray [150ml], 1 x Buzz Off Cream [150ml], 1 x Itchy Goo [50ml]  Save R10.00
A kids safe sun set which contains:1 x Safe-Sun Sun Screen, 1 x Safe-Sun After Sun   125ml each  Save R9.00
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