Acornkids is the home of colourful, hands on bath-fun products, puzzles, crafts and books. Exciting products like:
  • Angel Powder - magically changes bath water into an extravaganza of colour
  • Super Slush - turn an ordinary bath into a playground of thick colourful slush
  • Kaleidofoam - brightly coloured foam soap makes beautiful bath art
  • Surfs-Up Fun Foam - colourful foam bath with mystical sea creatures
  • Bathpops - mystery creatures that "hatch" in the bath
  • Gloop - fun and funky soap-free cleansing gel
Childhood is a magical time of discovery and learning.

We strive to provide kids with fun products that will grab their attention and provide a fun multi-sensory hands-on, minds-on experience.

Our products promote open-ended, child-led and non directed play, and old-fashioned play values to make every day a fun learning day Our amazing toys, books, puzzles and crafts encourage discovery, inspire imagination and enhance essential learning skills.

Our vision is to magically transform each day into learning, growth and exploration.
We design products for interactive creative play. Unique and innovative, they develop sensory skills, and stimulate young minds with fun. We carefully assess each product for its skills development value, and mark these against the products with these icons.
How Are Acornkids Products Sold?

Selling Acornkids children’s products at home couldn't be easier - you are open for business when it suits you and your friends - coffee mornings, school fetes, creches, home parties, open days or evenings, or exhibitions. The possibilities are endless.

But the joy of the Acornkids range is that the products sell themselves! Just show them to people, let them touch, feel and smell the products, let them play with them. And then watch what happens to your sales.
What Price Do I Charge?

We issue a Retail Price List for which covers all Acornkids products. Most of our Agents sell the products at this price. The price you pay for the products is the Retail Price, less a discount of either 25% or 30%, depending upon order value. The difference is your profit.

You are not obliged to sell at the listed price,the prices in the Price List are recommendations. You can sell at whatever price you wish.
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Becoming an Acornkids Agent requires the purchase of a Starter Pack. Choose one from the list below. These are all great value, offering substantial discounts against retail value. Prices exclude delivery with several low-cost options available. You can use these starter packs to try out Acornkids products, as samples, or to sell. They are only available to new dealers.
  • Basic - R 99
  • Bath Fun - R 210
  • Super Bath Fun - R 400
Starter Kit Descriptions

Basic Starter Kit
Contains flyers, catalogues, and forms. No products.

Bath Fun Starter Kit
Contains flyers, catalogues, and forms, plus 10 Acornkids products.

Super Bath Fun Starter Kit
Contains flyers, catalogues, and forms, plus 15 Acornkids products.