Acornkids is the home of colourful, hands on bath-fun products, as well as Kids Bee Happy sand art parties, workshops and activity sets for children of all ages.
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As an Acornkids agent, you have access to two great childrens product ranges,
Acornkids Bath-Fun, and Kids Bee Happy Sand Art.

A unique and exciting range of bath products, books, puzzles and crafts that transforms bathtime, playtime, anytime into fun.

An extravaganza of colours, textures and fragrances create magical times, teaching young children through colour, tactile, sensory & creative play.

Premium Sand Art. Fun activity for boys and girls. Children create amazing pictures using coloured sand in a fun and flawless way. Hands on, bright colourful fun, for children of all ages.

Products, Parties, Workshops and Events. The original, and the best. discover the joy of sand art.

Why join the Acornkids family?
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New to direct sales?

You don’t need sales experience to join Acornkids. In fact you don’t even have to like sales! But you will enjoy the buzz of demonstrating Acornkids products, as well as running events, working with groups of kids and their parents as they discover the joy of KidsBee Happy sand art.

We welcome everybody; whether you are returning to work whilst raising a family or have retired and are looking for a new challenge. Acornkids is a great way to grow your own business but with all of the benefits of a known brand behind you.

Got direct sales experience?

If you do have experience in direct selling, we can offer you an attractive new opportunity. Acornkids is nationally recognised, and Kids Bee Happy is internationally recognised. This gives you the opportunity to get out into your community sell products and and run creative events that people love, with quality products you’ll be proud to represent.

It’s unlike any other direct sales company. There’s no need to rise through the ranks to reap the rewards - you will start earning good profits from your first sale. Although you can build a team, this isn’t multi-level marketing - it’s an amazing support network that shares valuable leads.

And here are a few more reasons why Acornkids is the right
Direct Sales company for you….
Online Back Office

Order products, and if you want to team build it’s here that you’ll be able to manage your team and keep track of what’s going on.

Prompt Deliveries

All shipments are done by courier, with 3 day delivery to main centres. Orders are promptly delivered to you.

Team Support

The Acornkids and Kids Bee Happy teams are one of the best aspects of the company. Lots of help, mentoring, support and advice 24/7.

Work from Home

Our flexible work from home direct sales business means that you really can work the hours and locations that suit you.


Online training resources so that its easy for you to develop your skills to grow your business.

Family Owned and Proud

Acornkids is a family owned business and when you join us you become part of a family that cares. We are proud of the reputaton we have for going the extra mile.

Acornkids  Head Office  Contact Number: 0861074776   Email: