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Puffy Body Paint Soap

A thick rinse-off, bodywash paint, that colours the body with shimmering shades, while cleansing and deeply moisturisng the skin. Smudge-Smear-Blend-Wash!   Suitable for all skin types.  Also great for shaving.
Use on wet or dry skin. Water Soluble colours wash away easily.

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Creative Play
Encourage creativity with streaks of colour over the body.

Colour Awareness
Ask them to identify all the colours. Teach how to create secondary colours by mixing the yellow and blue to create green or the red and yellow to create orange. Create a streak of colours on one arm and then another on another arm or leg and ask your child to identify the colours.

Fine Motor Skills
The motion of massaging the colours onto the skin, and smoothing out onto the body, will assist your child in developing fine motor skills.

Hand/Eye Co-ordination
Ask your child to place dollops of different colours on different body parts. This process will develop their hand eye co-ordination.

Strengthening of arm muscles
Ask your child to use a cloth or sponge to wash off their own creations. Alternatively, ask them to rub water on the skin, using a continuous hand motion to remove the puffy paint. The paint will spread on thickly, and the repetive motions on the skin are important for strengthening arm muscles. Make it a game to see how fast they can wipe paint off, or first wipe the blue paint, followed by green etc.

Tactile Sensory Integration
The textures and fragrances create a sensory experience. When applied to the skin the paint is first a thick and creamy texture, after rubbing the paint on the skin and exposure to water, the texture becomes smooth and silky.

The Puffy Body Paint Soap may be used for a number of bath.
Use on wet or dry skin.
Replace the lid securely or the paint will dry out.
To remove colour from skin, use warm water, either with a cloth or rubbing with hands.
Can also use on tiles or bath, but colours will be lighter.
If it has dried in the container, add a little water to soften. The paint will be slightly lumpy and the colours will fade.
Paint that dries smudged or smeared on bath or tiles washes off easily later.
If your child does not fully wash the puffy paint off their body, or a lot of the product has been dispersed into the bath, a slight whitish residue may remain on the skin. This is easy to remove with warm water at any stage. 

Glyerine and Aloe Ferox Gel to mositurise.
Enriched with a Spa Complex of Sea Minerals, Seaweeds and Sea Tangle to moisturise, sooth ans soften the skin. 
Paraben free, Soap free, and very gentle on the skin.


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