Chantel de Beer
I love Surfs Up but I think my daughter loves it more. I love the smells, the bubbles and of course the shapes. It keeps her busy and she loves to collect them. When she baths with her younger cousins, she tries to tempt them into a race to see who can collect the most shapes. I really love this as a gift to give too as it really is a great product.

Janine Luyt

Dit het my dogtertjie se fyn motoriese funksies SO verbeter, om nie eers te praat van die Pret en 'mooi' badwater nie. 

Kara Van Niekerk

First of all my son is fascinated by bubbles at the moment and then he gets even more excited when the bubbles start disappearing the sea creatures start to appear and he has great fun trying to catch them all!!!!

Monika Matthee

I love Surf's up because of the delicious 'flavours', the thickness of the liquid and the fantastic quality. It is an added bonus that it washes the kids AND the bath clean - no grimy rings in the bath! 

Gwendolyne Elisabeth Ismarelda Marais
My little girl loves the red and green. But what she loves the most is to catch the little sea creatures its super with her hand and eye cordination and it smells fantastic. We catching it after bath while cleaning the bath and placing the little creatures in a container for creativity later on. And she is only 15 months now but loves it.


Marlize Nel
Surfs up beteken ure se pret! Ons kyk wie die meeste creatures kan vang met 'n klein net. En dan is die reuke fantasties


Natasha Griffin
I love the Surfs Up & so does my daughter... She enjoys finding all the creatures, telling me what they are, what they do & what colour they are, sometimes she adds in other details like "crabs live in shells" or "its a starfish like in Nemo".


Louise Opperman
Love the creatures in the surfs up. A little bit makes a whole lot of bubbles