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A bunny cop, Judy Hopps, teams up with a sly fox called Nick Wilde in this fast-moving, fun-filled adventure. Can the unlikely pair solve the biggest missing-animal case Zootropolis has ever seen? Enjoy a classic Disney experience with this magical storybook, featuring a holographic moving image on the cover and beautiful artwork on every page.


Fizzlebert Stump and the boy who ran away from the circus

There are many boys in the world, all slightly different from one another, and most of them are referred to by names. These are often John or Jack or Desmond, but sometimes they are James or Philip or Simon. Once, and once only, there was a boy whose name was Fizzlebert.  Fizzlebert Stump lives in a travelling circus. But although he gets to hang around with acrobats, play the fool with clowns, and put his head in a lion's mouth every night, he's the only kid there - and he's bored. But then Fizz decides to join a library, and life suddenly gets a lot more exciting, when a simple library card application leads to him being kidnapped by a pair of crazed pensioners! Will he ever see the circus again?

Fizzlebert Stump and the bearded boy

Fizzlebert Stump's second adventure. The bearded Barboozul family are the new stars of Fizz's circus. Their act is full of magic, mystery, fear and fun. And it's nice to have another boy around, even if he is a bit...hairy round the chin. But then things start going wrong. The lion loses his dentures. The clowns lose their noses. The Ringmaster loses his temper. And the circus is about to lose its licence. Is the bearded boy to blame? Can Fizz save the day?


Stickers, fun stuff and a dreamy Holly Webb story. Nobody does perfect puppies quite like Holly. And this book is even better than perfect. Stuffed with gorgeous puppy artwork – plus over 400 stickers, quizzes, puzzles, dot-to-dots, mazes and pictures to colour in. There’s even a brand new, super-cute story from the queen of animal fiction. Look at us wagging our tails.

How to be a Viking is the first How To Train your Dragon book ever - and the inspiration For Cressida Cowell's best selling fiction book that is now a Dreamworks feature film.  So begins Cressida Cowell's series of stories about a little Viking who cannot fit in.  Ulike his dad, Stoick the Vast, Hiccup is tiny, thoughtful and polite and scared of almost everything - especially of going to sea for the first time.  But go he must who will save the day when everything goes wrong aboard ship and all the big Vikings lose their cool ?  This wonderfully witty fable will delight all those who have ever faced up to their worst fears.  This 2014 re-issue includes a letter from Cressida Cowell to the reader.


Pretty Ponies Stick and Learn Sticker Activity Book is brand new with four pages of over 100 stickers and 32 pages. Be the perfect rider and complete the pictures using pretty pony stickers. With things to count and spot, there’s so much to in every scene. Simple facts make learning easy and fun. This sticker book contains riding, caring, grooming and more!

The delivery truck has broken down, but the package needs to get to town! Join the delivery man as he hitches a ride on every vehicle imaginable. Help him spot and count boats, fire engines, hot-air balloons and much more in this fun vehicle adventure! From award-winning children's author Steve Smallman and illustrator Nicola Slater, Spot A Lot Vehicle Adventure is sure to entertain your child again and again! Spot A Lot Vehicle Adventure is the 2015 winner of the Parents' Choice Fun Stuff Award. 

Buy the Oodles of Bathpops (pay only for 40 and get 8 FREE), Red Angel Powder, Yellow Angel Powder for the regular price of R189.00, and get FREE the Blue Angel Powder [total saving R60.00]
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Buy the Mixed Angel Beads, Blue Angel Powder, Yellow Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles, Green Soap Putty and Sea-n-Sand Bathpops for the regular price of R171.00, and get FREE the Sniffles Foam Bath [save R63.00]
Buy the Marula Body Butter, Marula Hand Cream and Rissoman Shower Gel for the regular price of R234.00 and get FREE the Marula Body Lotion and RissoSun Sunstick (4.5g) [save R106.95]
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Unique Acornkids Wrapping Paper with our trademark rainbows, cute kids and bright colours. Adds a beautiful final touch to any Acornkids gift or present. Available in a pack of 5 wrapping paper sheets. Sheet size approximately 44cm x 62cm.

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