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We have a wonderful selection of specials each month, with a wide variety of products to keep everybody happy! 

Spooky Activity and Sticker fun for everyone. Find your way through the maze, sticker the pumpkin faces, do the witch’s washing and much more. Includes over 200 stickers and perfectly in time for Halloween!

Seen through the eyes of the Schoolies characters, this first reader tells a reassuring story about an early experience which every child encounters – stage fright! In classic paperback, 8 x 8 format, with sticker sheets inside, this first picture book features simple text which is ideal for early independent readers to read by themselves.

What would happen if a tiger came to stay? How would you look after it? Where would it sleep? What would it eat (baked beans, raw fish or cream cakes?) and how would you play with it? Wild Things! gives young readers a first introduction to exotic animals around the world, looking at how and where they really live and what they need to survive, as it becomes clear that they must be posted back! The book also includes a final fact spread to explain why the animal is suited to living in its own environment in the wild, as well as how we can help to keep it there.


This charming story details the beautiful friendship between a boy and his plush toy turtle. 
Turtle and Me is a charming story about the adventures a little boy has with his cuddly toy turtle. Over the years, Turtle gets covered in spaghetti, splattered by mud, chewed by a puppy, and much more—but the boy still loves him. Turtle has become his security blanket, as well as his best friend. But one day Turtle suffers a horrible rip that the boy can't repair. The boy decides he doesn't need his old chewed up, sewn up, taped up, ripped up raggedy turtle anymore. But when he tries to sleep at night, he begins to think otherwise!

This is a fantastic activity book filled with a variety of Christmas themed patterns to colour in, providing hours and hours of festive fun. Some of the patterns come with suggested colour schemes but children are free to follow them as closely or as loosely as they please. This title includes tips on combining colours and how to make each pattern a work of art.
Buy the Pink Surfs-Up, Pink Gloop, Mixed Angel beads and Red Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles for the regular price of R193.00, and get FREE the Cindy and Fantasy Bathpops  [save R46.00]
Buy the Red and Yellow Angel Powder, Blue Soap Putty, Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles (set of 3 colours) and Transport Bathpops for the regular price of R193.00, and get FREE a Blue Angel Powder PLUS a handcrafted mini Christmas stocking [Total saving of R67.00]
Buy the Purple Kaleidofoam and Dress-Up Bath Stickers for the regular price of R190.00, and get FREE the RissoSun Aftersun Soothing Gel [save R69.00]
Buy the Green Gloop, Red and Blue Angel Beads for the regular price of R157.00, and get FREE the Jellyfoam Foam Bath [save R63.00]
Buy the Oodles of Bathpops (pay only for 40 & get 8 FREE), Blue Super Slush and Green Angel Beads for the regular price of R242.00, and get FREE the Yellow Surfs-Up [Total saving of R90.00]
Buy the Glitter Glue Value Set {Red, Blue, Green, Gold & Silver} for the special price of R142.00, and get FREE a Eucalyptus Massage Oil [save R62.00]
Buy the Akina Cleansing Cream at the already significantly reduced price of only R40.00, and get another one FREE !
Ideal for sensitive skins.  Can also be used to remove make-up and as a gentle hand wash.

Bederf jouself, jou familie en jou vriende met smullekker eetgoed!  Bak ongelooflike brode, lifelike terte en pasteie, manjifieke muffins en skitterend koek en koekies.  Kiese en keur uit meer as 50 smaaklike, eenvoudige resepte.

Buy TWO RissoMan Shaving Creams and an Itchy Goo for the regular price of R152.00, and get FREE the RissoMan Shower Gel [save R71.00]
Buy the Red Soap Putty, Green Kaleidofoam, Mixed Angel beads, Green Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles, Christmas Bathpops and Letters & Numbers Bath Stickers for the regular price of R274.75, and get FREE the Wild Animals and Dinosaur Bathpops PLUS Acornkids Drawstring Back Bag [save R96.00].  Bag size approximately 270mm across by 340mm down.
Note:  No colour options available on the bag.

Buy the Blue Angel and Red Angel Powder, Green Surfs-Up, Oodles of Bathpops (pay only for 40 and get 8 FREE), and Red and Green Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles, for the regular price of R288.00, and get FREE the Christmas Bathpops PLUS Acornkids Drawstring Back Bag [total saving of R101.75].   Bag size approximately 270mm across by 340mm down.
Note: no colour options available on the bag.


25 Acornkids Bathpops, one under the flap for each day in the calendar.  Fun in the bath !  Totally different from any other Advent calendars out there !


Fun foam faces with funky stick- on pieces. Float on water and stick to tiles when wet. A Christmas Tree and Stocking with 24 parts.....make fun Christmas combinations in the bath. Gives hours of fun and stimulates creativity and imagination.

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