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We have a wonderful selection of specials each month, with a wide variety of products to keep everybody happy! 
Buy the Rainbow Hippo Bath Puzzle, Green Angel Beads, Yellow Soap Putty, Orange Surfs-Up and Blue Roll-It! Body & Bath Paint for the regular price of R298.00, and get FREE the Monsters & Aliens Bathpops [save R25.50]
Buy the Yellow and Blue Super Slush, Green Gloop, Blue Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles and Blue Surfs-Up for the regular price of R347.00, and get FREE the Red Angel Beads [save R51.50
Buy 1 each of the following in Yellow:  Surfs-Up, Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles, Body Doodler, Kaleidofoam and Gloop for the regular price of R294.50, and get FREE the Yellow Angel Powder [save R42.00]
Buy the Red Angel Powder, Red Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles, Red Gloop, Blue Body Doodler, Farm Animals Bathpops and Sea-n-Sand Bathpops, for the regular price of R232.50, and get FREE the Space Bathpops [save R25.50]
Buy the A5 Colour & Wash Bath Sticker, Birds Bathpops, Roll-It! Body & Bath Paint {random colour}, Bath Crayons and Funky Faces Bath Stickers for the regular price of R317.50, and get FREE a set of 5 Crazy Cardboard Crafts [save R48.00]
Buy the SleephyHeadz, Lavender Massage Oil, Moisturising Baby Wash and Fruitybods Body Lotion {Blueberry Pie} for the regular price of R289.00, and earn an EXTRA 3 BONUS POINTS
Buy the Oodles of Bathpops (pay only for 40 & get 8 FREE) and the clear fragrance-free Surfs-Up (available only in Specials) for the regular price of R202.50 [save R25.50]
Buy the Kids Face Wash {also great for adults with sensitive skins} for the Special Price of R60.00 and SAVE R8.00
Buy the Kids Night Cream {also great for adults with sensitive skins} for the Special Price of R65.00 and SAVE R10.00
Buy the Green Angel Beads, Bumper Bathpop and Orange Soap Putty Refill for the regular price of R84.00, and enjoy being able to order products normally available only in SPECIALS !
VIP SET OFFER - R1541.00   Total saving = R133.50.00  BVP = 120

Gloop:  1 each - Pink, Red and Blue
Body Doodler: 1 each - Red, Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue
Surfs-Up:  1 each Blue, Red, Yellow and Pink
Soap Putty:  1 each - Blue, Red and Yellow
Angel Powder:  1 each - Blue, Read and Yellow
Super Slush:  1 each - Blue, Red and Yellow
Bathpops:  1 each - Sea n Sand,  Dinosaurs,  Cindy,  Jack, Miss Acorn, Monsters & Aliens
1 x Buzz Off Spray
1 x Buzz Off Cream
1x Itchy Goo

PLUS Free:  1 each - Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles, Red, Yellow and Blue
R1 541,00

Unique Acornkids Wrapping Paper with our trademark rainbows, cute kids and bright colours. Adds a beautiful final touch to any Acornkids gift or present. Available in a pack of 5 wrapping paper sheets.  Sheet size approximately 44cm x 62cm.

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