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Honey is delighted when the Eyebright family, a troupe of travelling players, sets up camp beside her home. She and her friends can’t wait to see the midnight show they are putting on. But as Honey joins in with the rehearsals, she can’t help wishing that her own life was as exciting as a life onstage.   A lovely story for mom or dad to read at bedtime
Soft Cover, 200 cm x 125 cm, 96 pages, Age 6+

Maak nie saak nie hoe hard sy soek nie - daar’s nie 'n krokodil in hierdie boek nie. Daar is wel 'n mooi prinses, 'n dapper prins, 'n ouma, 'n wolf, drie bere en 'n Goeie Fee. Maar 'n krokdil? Nooit
Soft Cover, 270 cm x 200cm, 30 pages, Age3+



Kerneels die kameelperd is opgewonde toe hy 'n boek ontdek. Maar sy maats het hul eie idees oor hoe om dit te lees, uitgestrek soos 'n krokodil…....terywl jy onderstebo hang soos 'n flamink….of selfs terwyl jy onderstebo hang soos 'n apie! Wat op aarde moet hy doen? 'n Oulik storie wat wys hoeveel pret dit is om dinge op JOU manier to doen!
Hard Cover, 265 cm x 260 cm, 25 pages, Age 3+


32 pages of intricate pictures and patterns. Relax and Create. A perfect gift for the holidays and for having some MOM me-time.    Soft Cover, 280 cm x 210 cm, 32 pages, Age Adult  PLEASE NOTE:  This is a colouring-in book for adults.

Buy the Green Soap Putty, Blue and Yellow Angel Powders, Red Angel Beads and  Red Kaleidofoam for the regular price of R265.00, and get FREE a Yellow Gloop [save R67.00]
Buy the Blue Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles, Yellow Surfs-Up, Oodles of Bathpops (pay only for 40 & get 8 FREE) and Red Angel Powder for the regular price of R249.00, and get FREE the MIXED Angel Beads [total saving = R73.00]
Buy the Blue Super Slush, Yellow Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles, Green Body Doodler, Bugs Bathpops, Farm Animals Bathpops, Green Angel Powder, Bumper Bathpop and Itchy Goo for the regular price of R283.00, and get FREE the Orange Surfs-Up [save R71]
Buy the Sniffles Foam Bath, Buzz-Off Spray and Green Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles for the regular price of R153.00, and get FREE the Kids Safesun Aftersun Soother {also ideal for any skin irritations, itchy spots and overall moisturising for the whole family} [save R73.00]
Buy the Red and Blue Roll-It! paint, as well as the Blue, Yellow and Red Funky Finger Paint for the regular price of R119.00, and get FREE the Green Funky Finger Paint  [save R21.00]
Buy the MIXED Angel Beads, Red Angel Powder, Red Squish-n-Squeeze Jellybubbles, Bumper Bathpop, Red Soap Putty, Sea-n-Sand Bathpops, Green Surfs-UP, Christmas Bathpops (pay only for 8 and get 2 FREE) PLUS a high quality hand made felt Christmas Stocking {50cm height}.   ALL for the regular price of R316.00, and get FREE a Yellow Surfs-UP [total saving of R76.00]

A jumbo Bathpop capsule filled with 3 sponge shapes from any of our existing themes.  Limited edition.

Fun foam faces with funky stick-on pieces. Float on water and stick to tiles when wet. A Christmas Tree and Stocking with 24 parts.....make fun Christmas combinations in the bath. Gives hours of fun and stimulates creativity and imagination.


Another fun way to celebrate the countdown until Christmas. Simply place the bathpop in warm water and watch the Christmas themed sponge shapes pop out. Lots of Fun! The set contains 10 bathpops.


Sold as SINGLE units.
A cracker which contains a random selection of 4 cute bathpops, giving the kiddies a lovely treat and a bath time to look forward to !   Selection of crackers for orders will be random and customers cannot request specific cracker designs nor colours. Designs issued will be based upon stock availability.



A lovely set of Acornkids Christmas Cards, available in English and Afrikaans. Each pack contains 5 cards, with our well known and popular "Acorn Kiddies" figures on the front and blank inside.


A lovely set of Acornkids Christmas Cards, available in English and Afrikaans. Each pack contains 5 cards, with our well known and popular "Acorn Kiddies" figures on the front and blank inside.


Unique Acornkids Wrapping Paper with our trademark rainbows, cute kids and bright colours. Adds a beautiful final touch to any Acornkids gift or present. Available in a pack of 5 wrapping paper sheets.  Sheet size approximately 44cm x 62cm.

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