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This book is based on the world-famous Montessori method. This educational approach aims to encourage your child's self-confidence and autonomy to help them evolve at their own pace, spontaneously. It is a veritable mine of playful activities, exciting games and fun experiments for young children aged 5-7. It contains stickers, cut-out animals and a MEMO card game on animals and their habitats. This book will accompany your child on their journey to discover nature and animals. It will awaken their curiosity, develop their competencies and stimulate creativity  R120.00  ONLY 9 UNITS AVAILABLE


My Pappa is ‘n berg van ‘n beer, ‘n stoute krokodil, ‘n draaiende, swaaiende seekat en ‘n lawwe aapstert!
Maar eintlik is hy net my lekkerste, liefste Pappa. Die boek is spesiaal vir alle pa’s.
Sagteband, 25 Bladsye, 24 cm x 28 cm  R125.00  [BVP=10]


Meet sweet Snow White and her seven adorable friends, and follow their adventures in a land far, far away. Will the jealous queen with her magical mirror thwart Snow White's plans to live happily ever after?
The Classic Fairytale Series of picture books has been adapted from traditional stories for contemporary audiences and features stunning illustrations and is presented with quirky humour which will entertain children.
Soft Cover, 32 pages, 24 cm x 26 cm, Age 3+  [BVP=6]
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Welkom, Wielie Walie Woelwaters, kinders van Menseland. Ek is Haas Das van Has Das se Nuuskas, op Diereland -TV. Ons diere verskil baie: daar is grotes en kleintjies, vinniges en stadiges, luies en flukses….In hierdie boek gaan ons van teenoorgesteldes leer saam met al die diere hier in Diereland. Gebruik die pen op die bladsye, vee dit dan skoon en speel weer. Met lekker oefeninge, maklike speletjies wat jy by die huis kan speel en sommer ook n nuusflits of twee, sal julle vining slim word!  Hardeband, 18 Bladsye, 24 cm x 20 cm, 3+ Jaar  R165.00
[BVP= 14]


Mister Doodle, the Rooster, is most upset when he discovers that the city has spread – right up to the fence of his peaceful home- and decided to search for a new farm on which to live. But before he leaves, he holds auditions to find a talented bird to replace him and become the rooster who wakes the people of the city every morning. After some amusing and frustrating auditions, Mister Doodle finds the perfect candidate.

Paperback, 31 pages, 29 cm x 25 cm, Age 4+




Princess Arabella is verveeld en vertel leuens om haar dae prettiger te maak. Maar dan bring al haar leuens haar in die moeilikheid, en wie gaan haar nou help? Lees hierdie verwerking van die bekende sprokie en leer hoe belangrik dit is om die waarheid to vertel.    Sagteband, 22 Bladsye, 25 cm x 23 cm, 3+ Jaar   BVP=9

Eendag bring Meneer Hartlief n verrassing huis toe – ‘n oulike klein varkie met ‘n pienk gesiggie en ‘n krulstertjie.  Meneer en Mevrou Hartlief het hulle baba varkie baie life – maar wat sal gebeur wanneer die varkie skool toe gaan? Kan hierdie storie dalk meer as een verrassing aan die einde he?  ‘n Snaakse en verbeeldingryke storie wat wys ‘n gesin is wat jy daarvan maak, en dat liefde die belangrikste van alles is.    Sagteband, 27 Bladsye, 27.5 cm x 24 cm, 3 + Jaar

Join the clever, crafty Puss as he adventures around the countryside making as fortune for his master the Marquis of Carabas. But will Puss be able to conquer the cruel ogre and win the princess’s hand, or will the ogre squash him flat?

Softcover, 30 pages, 28 cm x 24 cm, Age 3+ R75.00 35 UNITS AVAILABLE


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