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The magic of ice! Anna and Elsa discover where their hearts lie in this epic journey through snow storms and freezing temperatures. With the help of good friends, Anna finds her way to North Mountain where her sister, Elsa, rules as Snow Queen to help bring summer back to Arendelle. Complete the frosty scenes from the magical movie using your stickers.
Size:  210mm left-to-right, 270mm top to bottom.  Sturdy cover with 10 pages and over 50 stickers.

The Finding Dory Annual 2017 is packed with stories, activities, colouring, posters and puzzles based on the new Finding Dory movie, and also on the hugely popular Finding Nemo movie.
Disney Pixar's Finding Dory reunites everyone's favourite forgetful Blue Tang, Dory, with her friends, Nemo and Marlin, on a search for answers about her past.  What can she remember ?  Who are her parents ?  And where did she learn to speak Whale ?  Then read on to look back at when Dory helped Marlin find Nemo, and see the adventures they have with their ocean friends !

Teach your child kindergarten-ready skills through the use of vibrant stories and interactive, FUN crafts!
In this story, animals from far-off places come together in the jungle for a very special party. At first, the partygoers can only see their differences. But soon the animals learn that they have things in common, too. The party doesn't end when you finish this book! There's a pocket on the inside back cover with 65+ stickers, a make-your-own party hat craft, and 3-D animal puzzles


Three books in 1.  Suitable for ages 3-9 years.  Includes a colourful, illustrated story about a leopard cub that has been born in a game reserve in South Africa. Everyone is very happy - BUT - the little leopard has lost her spots. Who could have stolen the spots? David and Anna try to solve the Mystery of the Missing Spots with the help of their friend Tok Tok. As they follow the clues given to them by the animals in the game reserve, they learn about animal behaviour and conservation. The story is suitable as an early reader, a bedtime story or ideal for classroom reading. The story ends with a fun filled board game, Finding the Spots, reliving the quest to solve the mystery - suitable for the whole family. The book also contains a ten page Fact section about Game Reserves and why we and especially the animals need them. Learn about some of the wild life the children saw while they were trying to solve the mystery. Once you’ve read the story, learnt some very important facts, it’s time to have fun with the Activity section. Eighteen pages of wild life inspired things to make and do. Including how to make a journal or record of wild life sightings, animal searches, mazes, colouring-in and a game ranger game.

As well as totally amazing doodles, Neon Dinky Doodles has bright, bold neon colours on every page, and lots of neon stickers to place and Super Dinky Doodles has fun cut-out pages which when turned create different objects – on one page there’s a cloud, on the next a tree! these Dinky Doodle Books are perfect for doodle adventures.
Size:  140mm across x 130mm top-to- bottom x 10mm thick
Pages:  60 plus 4 pages stickers

The delivery truck has broken down, but the package needs to get to town! Join the delivery man as he hitches a ride on every vehicle imaginable. Help him spot and count boats, fire engines, hot-air balloons and much more in this fun vehicle adventure! From award-winning children's author Steve Smallman and illustrator Nicola Slater, Spot A Lot Vehicle Adventure is sure to entertain your child again and again! Spot A Lot Vehicle Adventure is the 2015 winner of the Parents' Choice Fun Stuff Award. 


The Book presents great DIY ideas with a wonderfully humorous twist. Julia Anastasopoulos, aka Suzelle, share 288 pages worth of great crafts that you can do yourself, covering everything from household chores, car maintenance, having the best braai as well as some great green living advice, because "doing it yourself" is usually more eco-friendly than buying or outsourcing for your needs to be met. Find great recipes and beauty tips from the local DIY diva, and a whole chapter from her friend Marianne. DIY? Because anybody can.

3 books in 1, suitable for ages 3-9 years, includes a delightful, colourful, illustrated story about Mairi the Mole who digs her burrows under Anne's lovely lawn and visits her veggie patch. While playing above ground she has a close encounter with Steven the cat but escapes to the neighbouring farm field. Here she is luckily found by Monty Mole who takes her home to live with his family. One day while playing in the corn they have another lucky escape from Steven the Cat and Monty Mole once again comes to her rescue. Mairi Mole marries her saviour Monty in a lovely wedding with all her friends from the garden invited and she finds her happy ever after. The story ends with a fun filled board game, Mairi's Lucky Escape which relives Mairi's adventure - suitable for the whole family. The book also contains a ten page Fact section about gardens and garden wildlife. Why do we need gardens and importance of their wildlife such as pollination and compost creation. Included are the indigenous garden zones around the world and the effect of seasons with detailed photographs and interesting facts. Once you’ve read the story, learnt some cool facts about gardens and their wildlife, it’s time to have fun with the Activity section. Eighteen pages of things to make and do. Creating gardens, baking, colouring-in, making flowers and garden critters and loads more.  No of pages = 68  [VBP=12]


Seen through the eyes of the Schoolies characters, this first reader tells a reassuring story about an early experience which every child encounters – stage fright! In classic paperback, 8 x 8 format, with sticker sheets inside, this first picture book features simple text which is ideal for early independent readers to read by themselves.

Ahoy, there! The Ultimate Pirate Sticker File is an action-packed sticker activity book full of swashbuckling adventure! The themed activities and funny pirate illustrations will delight little scallywags. Kids can use the cool pirate stickers in the book or wherever they want! The epic, shaped gatefold opens to reveal the fun sticker activities inside and helps kids to keep all of their amazing artwork together.

This is a fantastic activity book filled with a variety of Christmas themed patterns to colour in, providing hours and hours of festive fun. Some of the patterns come with suggested colour schemes but children are free to follow them as closely or as loosely as they please. This title includes tips on combining colours and how to make each pattern a work of art.

In this GIANT book of fun there's plenty to do, with more than 300 jokes, facts and cool inventions.  100 Guaranteed-to-get-your-hands-dirty activities, including practical jokes, magic tricks and science experiments.  Featuring illustrations by Glen Singleton, the GIANT book of Fun includes everything you need for a lifetime of fantastic fun.  Open up and start your adventures now !  6 books in one.  Suitable for ages 7/8+ years.


There are many fun things for everyone to do in this fantastic activity book.  Suitable for girls aged 5 - 12 years.


Something for Mom .....and even Dad !!
A collection of beautifully designed line drawn illustrations, to help colour and doodle the stress away !


An orphaned Baby Rhino finds a new home.  A colourfully illustrated fictional story inspired by real Rhino rescues.  Plus facts about saving wild animals and fun activities to make and do.  Ideal for Grannies, Grandpas, Moms, Aunts, Uncles, Teachers and Babysitters !


Last month we had Neon Dinky Doodles and now we have Super Dinky Doodles. A chunky, pocket-sized doodle books for doodling fun, anytime, anywhere! Packed with super-cool doodle starts to complete, it has a mixture of illustrated and photographic designs to inspire kids to create their own unique artwork – they will add faces to giant peas, turn pencils into rockets, and even design a new outfit for the doodle monster! Perfect for doodle adventures. Happy doodling!  [VBP=8]

The Mystery of Tadpole's Disappearing Tail.  A lovely story about a tadpole that grows up into a frog.  Plus an interactive magical Metamorphosis game and many fun activities to do with your kids.  Make a frog pond, froggy bean bag, butterfly kit and many more !

With over 40 full colour stickers and lots of piratical puzzles, this book will keep children entertained for hours.  They will find the correct stickers to complete the activities, sail the high seas with all their favourite pirates, fill their treasure chests with sparkling rubies, and look forward to county up their booty at the end.

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