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Kaleidofoam Soap

A brightly coloured foam soap with a wonderful fragrance. The fun foam encourages children to wash from head to toe while colours, textures and fragrances create a tactile and sensory experience. Mix colours, create bath designs and wall art that rinses off easily. Available in Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. 150ml each.
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Fine Motor Skills
The kaleidofoam encourages the development of fine motor skills, by involving small motions of the fingers and hands. Let your child use one hand and one colour and apply a blob on the left hand side of the bath tiles. Then apply another colour to the other hand and place a blob on the right hand side of the tiles. Next make a figure of eight, first with the left hand and then the right, mixing the colours on the process. This helps children to cross the midline. 

Alternatively, mould and shape the soft creamy lather into shapes , or use the foam to draw on the bath tiles. 

Hand Eye Co-ordination
Strengthen hand eye co-ordination by bouncing the foam in the hands, or floating the foam on the surface of the water and then scooping it back up. Spray into hands , clap hands and make "snow" to catch.

Tactile Sensory Integration
Textures, fragrances and col,ours create a tactile sensory experience. Spray the foam into your child's hands and encourage them to cover their body with the foam, rubbing onto the body and cleaning at the same time.

Colour Awareness
Create body and colour awareness by applying one colour to the left arm and another to the right leg and ask your child to identify body part and colour.

Creative Play 
Encourage creativity by making foam wall art or creating objects, like hats, beards, big noses, long chins etc.

Spray Kaleidofoam over the body to use as a head to toe body wash and also encourage creative play.Ideal for early learning fun and provides a wonderful tactile experience.


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