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Soap Putty Refill

A wonderfully different bath soap, which provides a tactile exeprience and stimulates the imagination. It is soap-free and gently cleanses the skin. Enriched with Sweet Almond Oil to moisturise and nourish, and China Clay to cleanse. This is the refill, and comes in a plastic tub without a cookie cutter. Can be removed from tub and added to an existing acorn shaped container with shape cutter. Mould into any shape, like play dough- then use your creation to wash.
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Tactile Sensory Integration
The Acornkids Soap Putty provides a wonderful tactile experience while moulding into a shape and/or cutting shapes.

Creative Play and Imagination 
Encourage creativity by making putty creatures to play with and tell stories. 

Colour Awareness
Can be used to teach colour, left and right band body parts eg wash with the blue on your right leg and the yellow on your right hand.


The soap putty may be used for two to three baths.

The parent should break a piece of the soap putty off and give to their child.

Do not let remaining piece get wet, but seal in the acorn container for future use. 

 Enriched with Sweet Almond Oil to moisturise and nourish, and China Clay to cleanse. 


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