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Surfs-Up Fun Foam Bath - 250ml

A colourful and fun foam bath with a wonderful aroma and mystical sea creatures in every bottle. Your children will love hunting the little sea creatures in the bath. Available in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink and Clear.    250ml each.
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Hand /Eye Co-ordination
Acornkids Surfs Up improves hand and eye co-ordination as your child grasps and traps the little shapes under the water.

Fine Motor Skills
When your child picks up the little shpes with their fingers, between their finger and thumb it develops their fine motor skills and their pincer grip, which is important for future holding of pens.
Pour the bubble liquid (2 caps full) under running bath tap and watch as the bubbles form.
To extend the life of the bubbles, do not use normal soap, but Acornkids Gloop or Kaleidofoam, which are soap free options. For extra fun, sprinkle some Angel Powder on the bubbles, to colour them different colours. After the bath, ask your child to collect all the little shapes, which can then be used for arts and crafts projects.


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