In my home, we believe in fun. We believe in creativity. And we definitely believe in fun and creative mess-making. I know that the last part of our ‘belief system’ might send most moms into a flat panic, but hear me out for a second.

Did you know that research has shown that a creative child with an average IQ performs better at school than a child with a high IQ but with no creativity. I actually only found this out recently but it makes complete sense – creativity teaches our kids to use their imaginations and to think out of the box.

Did you also know that allowing our kids to be completely and uninhabitably expressive while having FUN, is one of the best ways to encourage them to build and flex their creativity muscles. And what better fun, creative and expressive mess-making activity than dipping your fingers into a gooey pot of finger paint and creating a masterpiece of your own?

This is why my kids and I just love the Funky Finger Paints in our Acornkids range. These blue, green, yellow and red pots have given us hours of fun that I know is encouraging my kids to be as creative as possible. They love the texture of squelching it between their fingers and have come up with the most beautiful pictures over the years.

It’s been great to see how their pictures have become more detailed and defined as their confidence in their own creativity and their fine motor skills have grown over the years.

To encourage your kids build their own creativity skills through Funky Finger Paints, just follow this link right now to get all four colours in a set:

Now here’s the real trick… to avoid mess as much as possible, lay out an old sheet and have you kids put an apron on. Then once the messy fun is over, just hang up the painting, fold up the sheet and aprons and plonk your kids straight into a bath and let the clean fun start with our Bath Fun range of products….Happy Painting!

Mommy Blog by Yvonne

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