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    Suenette that is a brilliant idea, including buying and selling in her play time.

    - Sharon van der Merwe

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    My kids absolutely adore ACORNKIDS. My 4 year old will spend ever long it takes to fish out ...

    - Suenette Thomson

From the monthly archives: February 2015

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Touch it, mould it, blend it...Snow Dough!

I want to let you in on a little secret… I still play with some of the Acornkids products every day! Snow Dough is one of them as it doubles as an amazing stress ball. I love absent-mindedly playing with it while I’m working or brainstorming new ideas. There is just something completely soothing about the texture of this incredibly bubbly yet gooey dough! If you haven’t yet, you should definitely try it. But that’s not all that originally drew me to this strangely textured substance.

When looking into ways to teach my kids about colour awareness, I knew that I needed something more than just mixing paints. I wanted something that was like a brand new experience to them every time they used it, and that allowed them to be creative is so many more ways than painting a picture.

Snow Dough was (and still is) not only a great sensory experience for my kids, but it is so incredibly versatile that it allowed them to personalise absolutely everything from mugs to picture frames to building tiny little cities on my dining room table. No two creations made out of this fun red, blue, green yellow and white dough were ever the same! What really fascinated me is that, they older my kids got, the more finesse they had in their Snow Dough artwork. And this is when I really saw the value in helping my kids build their fine motor skills through such a creative and versatile product!

So to get your hands into this great gooey dough (and for your kids too, of course!), just follow this link right now to order it to be delivered straight to your front door.

Mommy Blog by Yvonne

Mom of two awesome kids

Owner of Acornkids


My Favourite Mess-free Sandpit!

Who’s a fan of sandpits? I know I most certainly am. I remember watching my kids marvel at the sensation of sand slipping through their fingers, the look of pure joy and deep-rooted pride when they unveiled their majestic hand-sculpted castles (or, let’s be honest, the mound of sand with twigs sticking out of it). There’s something truly great about watching your kids as they allow themselves to become completely lost in their own creativity! Now who’s a fan of the stains, dirt and mess that generally and very quickly follows this moment of wonderment? Definitely not me! So when I came across this Kinetic Sand, I knew that I just had to add it to our Acornkids collection. And believe me, my kids went crazy when they first saw it too.  This is amazing sand is much more fluid than normal sand, it kind of feels like cotton candy, or perhaps what I imagine holding a cloud would feel like. What I love most about Kinetic Sand, is that its fluid, it moves, you ...

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Kaleidofoam of Fun!

As a working mum to two beautiful children, the time that I get to spend with my kids is more precious to me than their weight in gold! This is why I take my every spare second to connect and fun have together. And what better time to do this than during bath time? 

Kaleidofoam is by far one of our favourite ways to wash in the bath. This really fun-feeling, coloured foam soap means that I never have to beg and plead for my kids to wash their little bodies. They love to ‘colour’ themselves in with Kaleidofoam from head-to-toe and, believe me, this never gets old! (Oh, and don’t worry… you’re not going to be sending your kids to school dressed as Smurfs, it washes right off with water!)

Depending on how they feel on the day, my kids choose to colour themselves in either red, blue, green or yellow, or a combination of all four on different parts of their bodies which is by far their favourite! This not only helps me to teach my kids about colours and body awareness, but also builds their gross motor skills as we bounce the foam balls around the water or giggle as they build bigger noses or brightly coloured beards. And what’s even better, the non-toxic ingredients and pH balance of Kaleidofoam means that I never have to worry about it irritating their skin. 

Like I said, Kaleidofoam is a firm favourite in our home. If you’d like to read more about it or even buy it online, just follow this link right now  and we can send it straight to your front door for the never-ending fun with yours kids to begin!


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