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    Suenette that is a brilliant idea, including buying and selling in her play time.

    - Sharon van der Merwe

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    My kids absolutely adore ACORNKIDS. My 4 year old will spend ever long it takes to fish out ...

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From the monthly archives: November 2015

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'November 2015'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

How to make a volcano with Angel Powder

A fun experiment to do at home with your kids. If you don't have Acornkids Angel Powder use bicarbonate soda and food colouring instead!


  You will need:

two small plastic drinks bottles
large piece of card
angel powder (or bicarbonate of soda and food colouring)
washing-up liquid
large plate or tray
pen or pencil
  Step 1

Copy this shape onto the card. It needs to be big enough to fit around the bottle.
  Step 2:

Cut out the shape and bend it into a cone as shown. Secure it with tape.
  Step 3

Using a funnel, fill one of the bottles until it is about one-third full of vinegar.
  Step 4 

Add one tablespoon of washing up liquid and put the bottle to one side. 
  Step 5

Put the second bottle on a tray/plate and pour in three teaspoons of angel powder.
  Step 6

Place the card cone over the bottle.
  Step 7

Make sure the hole is level with the bottle opening.

  Step 8

Using a funnel, pour in the vinegar and washing up liquid mixture. Remove the funnel and wait!

  Step 9 

When the vinegar and angel powder mix together, they produce carbon dioxide gas. Thi sgas creates bubbles in the vinegar and the washing up liquid. The foaming messy mixture expands and forces itself out of the top of the bottle.


Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!

I think that bubble baths are just a natural part of any kid’s childhood… at least, in my home it DEFINITELY is! This is why adding a bubble bath to our Bath Fun range was just a no-brainer. But we wanted something a little more special, which is why we chose Surf’s Up.

My kids loved the Surf’s Up bubble bath more than others because of the thousands of little sequins of all colours, shapes, and sizes that floated around their baths! What child doesn’t want to bath with a whole lot of shiny whales and seahorses?

I loved it because you only need two caps per bath, but (more importantly) because it was the perfect time for my kids to polish up on those tricky fine motor skills as they chased around the bath trying to collect as many sequins as possible. If both of my little ones were in the bath at the same time, we’d have a competition for who can collect the most.

Just a useful tip; those sequins can be REALLY hard to catch… especially in a full bath. So, to make it easier and less frustrating, I’d scoop up some water and let my kids fish them out of my hands.  

But the fun didn’t stop there! After every bath, we’d collect the sequins and put them in a jar. Then, during card making time, we bring out the jar and use them to make fun and beautiful cards for our friends’ birthdays.

I really think that you’ll love this product. So, to buy a set of Blue, Red, Yellow and Pink Surfs Up at a special 10% discount, click here  to buy it online now! Just as a side note, bubbles last longer if you’re using soap-free options like our Gloop or Kaleidofoam. Also, to add an extra bit of fun, why not have colourful bubbles by sprinkling some Angle Powder over them? My kids LOVED that! 

Grab all three of these products with your next Surf’s Up order to make the ultimate fun bath experience! Just go to our Bath Fun section and add them to your order by clicking for Angel Powder, for Gloop and for our wonderful Kaleidofoam!

Happy Shopping!

Mommy Blog by Yvonne
Mom of two awesome kids
Owner of Acornkids

How to blow up a balloon with Angel Powder!

A fun experiment to do at home with your kids. If you don't have Acornkids Angel Powder use bicarbonate soda instead!


  You will need:

small drinks bottle
angel powder (or bicarbonate of soda)
  Step 1

Using a funnel, pour about a third of a cup of vinegar into the bottle
  Step 2:

Slide the balloon onto the funnel as shown here
  Step 4

Put two teaspoons of Angel Powder onto a teaspoon into the balloon. 
Remove the funnel from the balloon.
  Step 5 

Twist the neck of the balloon to stop the Angel Powder from falling out. Then stretch the mouth of the balloon over the bottle,taking care not to let any of the Angel Powder drop into it.
  Step 6

Hold the bottle, lift up the balloon, untwist the balloon neck and empty the Angel Powder into the vinegar.
  Step 7 

The Angel Powder and vinegar mix together, they create a gas called carbon dioxide. All gases expand to fill any available space, so the carbon dioxide inflates the balloon 


Magic Milk and Angel Powder

A fun experiment to do at home with your kids. If you don't have Acornkids Angel Powder use food colouring instead!


You will need:

food colouring
washing up liquid

Step 1

Pour some milk into a plate or glass dish.

Step 2:

Add some Angel Powder (or food colouring) to the milk.

Step 3

Add a few different colours.

Step 4

Drop a small amount of washing-up liquid onto the centre of the mixture.

Step 5

The washing -up liquid breaks the surface tension and the milk molecules move apart.

Step 6

As the milk moves, the colours run into one another.


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