A fun experiment to do at home with your kids. If you don't have Acornkids Angel Powder use bicarbonate soda and food colouring instead!


  You will need:

two small plastic drinks bottles
large piece of card
angel powder (or bicarbonate of soda and food colouring)
washing-up liquid
large plate or tray
pen or pencil
  Step 1

Copy this shape onto the card. It needs to be big enough to fit around the bottle.
  Step 2:

Cut out the shape and bend it into a cone as shown. Secure it with tape.
  Step 3

Using a funnel, fill one of the bottles until it is about one-third full of vinegar.
  Step 4 

Add one tablespoon of washing up liquid and put the bottle to one side. 
  Step 5

Put the second bottle on a tray/plate and pour in three teaspoons of angel powder.
  Step 6

Place the card cone over the bottle.
  Step 7

Make sure the hole is level with the bottle opening.

  Step 8

Using a funnel, pour in the vinegar and washing up liquid mixture. Remove the funnel and wait!

  Step 9 

When the vinegar and angel powder mix together, they produce carbon dioxide gas. Thi sgas creates bubbles in the vinegar and the washing up liquid. The foaming messy mixture expands and forces itself out of the top of the bottle.