Who’s a fan of sandpits? I know I most certainly am. I remember watching my kids marvel at the sensation of sand slipping through their fingers, the look of pure joy and deep-rooted pride when they unveiled their majestic hand-sculpted castles (or, let’s be honest, the mound of sand with twigs sticking out of it). There’s something truly great about watching your kids as they allow themselves to become completely lost in their own creativity!

Now who’s a fan of the stains, dirt and mess that generally and very quickly follows this moment of wonderment? Definitely not me! So when I came across this Kinetic Sand, I knew that I just had to add it to our Acornkids collection. And believe me, my kids went crazy when they first saw it too. 

This is amazing sand is much more fluid than normal sand, it kind of feels like cotton candy, or perhaps what I imagine holding a cloud would feel like. What I love most about Kinetic Sand, is that its fluid, it moves, you can mould it, you can stack it, you can stamp in it, and it does not stick to your hands (BONUS).

My  kids are past the “sensory “ play stage, but they still love to tinker with the sand, in fact, they take it with them anywhere – to a friend’s house, to school, even to a restaurant. Afterwards, we simply pack this non-stick, non- mess sand back into the tub! My kids are able to get the same enjoyment and fine motor and creativity building skills as playing in a sandpit or on the beach and what’s even better, is that it’s gluten, wheat and casein free (which is great for kids with allergies) and it’s 100% safe and non-toxic.

To get your hands on this amazing magic sand, just follow this link right now to order it to be delivered straight to your front door. I’m sure that you’ll love it just as much as your kids do.