Considering that every parent with small kids is a huge lover of play dough, the decision to add our own Push ‘n Pull Putty to our special Acornkids range was easy. (Especially considering that I was one of those parents at the time!)

This non-toxic malleable dough has given my kids hours of entertainment over the years. My best was that I could just pop a tub or two into my handbag and then bring them out at a restaurant or a friend’s house to let my kids entertain themselves. Only a mom can understand the true pleasure of something like this!

I really love (and I think that most mom’s will agree) that Push ‘n Pull Putty gives my kids so much more than just something to entertain themselves while I run my errands. It taught them about colour awareness and mixing as they mushed the 8-coloured squishy dough together through their fingers. I also saw a huge improvement in their fine motor and creativity skills as each masterpiece became more and more defined with practice. If something didn’t work out as planned, they would just mush it together again and start from scratch. This was a really great confidence booster that allowed my kids to really push their creativity and skill as they knew that it didn’t have to be permanent. Having said that, the ones that they are really proud of were photographed so that we can keep them forever.

Push ‘n Pull Putty is available in product sets of our Primary and Funky Colour sets, or all 8 colours in one pack! They are great gifts for friends or, like I did, just to have on hand if the boredom kicks in! Even better, you can use the left over cookie cutters from your Soap Putty and cut out shapes with your kids. To order yours today and get your special 10% discount (valid 16/03 -21/3), please follow this link to buy online 

NB: The shape cutters you collect when buying our Soap Putty are also perfect to use with the Push n Pully Putty.

Mommy Blog by Yvonne

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