Angel Powder is one of the original products in our range and, after all these years, it’s definitely still a firm favourite in our Acornkids family!

Angel Powder was my first choice when it came to introducing my kids to the wonders of colours and colour mixing. Their amazement as their bath water changed from clear to blue, red or yellow never got old, and letting them experiment and learn how to make a Barney or a Shrek bath (by mixing red and blue or yellow and blue) was just such a great way to teach them about primary and secondary colours. My daughter also has sensitive skin and the Angel Powder is perfect for sensitive skin and children with eczema.

Side note – for really young kids, try and pour the powder into their hands or into smaller containers before letting them add it to the water; giving them the whole tub often leads to its entire contents being dumped into the water!

Since then, we’ve become a little more creative. By mixing Angel Powder with a drop water, we make really great finger paints, we fill vases with the coloured water at parties for fun-coloured flower arrangements, and on hot days we make coloured ice cubes which look amazing as they melt in the bath or splash pool! Speaking of hot days, the Sodium Bicarbonate in Angel Powder makes the water silky smooth which is great soothing agent for your kids’ sunburnt skin.

Angel Powder really is an amazing and affordable gift (it’s definitely my go-to for birthday parties). It’s fun and versatile, won’t stain your surfaces and its non-toxic ingredients mean that it’s safe for kids and pregnant mums to enjoy every day!

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